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El Bawiti museum located in Bahariya oasis in Western desert, Egypt. In fact, the museum is antiquities inspectorate Museum which opens daily from 08 AM – 04 PM. The museum also known as the Mummy hall. In fact, the museum features some shelters. The shelters contain some of the finds which found in the surrounding ruins. Among the 10 on display are four of the acclaimed “golden mummies”. In fact, they dubbed so because of their gilded coffins. They badly displayed yet still extraordinary for their lifelike representation of the deceased. In fact, they feature curly locks and long eyelashes.

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The museum also houses The Oasis Heritage Museum. In fact, it highlights the artwork of Mahmoud Eed, a local self-taught Bedouin artist. Without doubt, he inspired by the old-timer, Badr Museum in Farafra Oasis. In fact, he sculptured the clay to depict his experience of life in the oasis. The museum also houses dioramas that offer a view of daily life in Bahariya Oasis. At the store, you will find beautiful embroidered dresses and locally made silver jewelry.

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