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Crystal Mountain Bahariya Oasis located 160 Kilometer from the oasis in Western Desert, Egypt. In fact, the Crystal mountain is an huge hunk which made up of sparkling quartz crystal. The mountain is a ridge which includes a unique structure. Moreover, it made of calcite crystal which combines altogether. In fact, it creates a striking ridge standing up out of the desert. The Crystal Mountain is an ancient Paleo which pushed to the surface of the earth. In fact, the crystals themselves are quartz. Moreover, the mountain located 90 kilometer from Farafra Oasis.

Furthermore, it sands on the edge of the White Desert. The black iron and basalt pebbles give way to the sand-blown chalk formations. In fact, they loom on either side of the road. The crystal mountain Bahariya Oasis is a small natural arch in the rock . It glitters calcite crystal walls making it a perfect place to pose for photos. The geologists call it an exhumed cave which has stalagmites and stalactites. In fact, they thrust upwards by earth movement. With time, it lost its roof to erosion and has almost weathered away. The calcite crystal developed in Paleo caves of Khoman chalk. Moreover, the crystals have almost an oblong or square-like shape. If they were green, these groupings would look much like Krypton of Superman fame. Yet, these crystals are clear or cloudy white.

Further details about the Crystal Mountain Bahariya Oasis:

Be sure to see the natural crystal arch which formed in the ridge. It is high enough that you can stand under it. Watch the crystal formations which spring up in the desert all around the mountain. Crystal Mountain only reachable through specialty tour. In fact, most of hotels in the larger cities nearby can arrange a tour for you. Of course we also can do it for you. Please, don’t break off the crystals on the mountain. In fact, these crystals take many years to form and breaking them will ruin a piece of history. Moreover, don’t not pick up the pieces of crystal which scatter the landscape. In fact, if every tourist took away a part of the mountain, there will be soon no mountain which left to see.

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