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Black Desert located in Bahariya Oasis in the Western Desert, Egypt. In fact, the Black Desert is just four to five hours driving from Cairo. Moreover, the desert situated near the the White Desert. In fact, the desert is in stark contrast which has volcanic shaped mountains. The mountains resemble a scene from a Star Wars movie. Furthermore, the mountains and floors scattered with small volcanic black stones. Moreover, they lie on the orange and brown colored sands.

The Black desert offers a great chance for people to climb the soft peaks with lovely views. They also can take some picturesque photographs. The desert is a “passing through” point because it has no facilities around. In fact, the desert totally uninhabited. The landscape of the desert is of secluded plains with the dunes. In fact, the desert comprises different sizes of formations. The desert mountains are more like volcanic cones rising out of the desert. Moreover, the desert extends from South Bawiti to 70 kilometers in the direction of Farafra.

Further details about the Black Desert Bahariya Oasis:

The black hills and rocks stand as a compelling evidence of volcanic activity. That is why the region called by its current name. In fact, the black desert name refers to the vast expanses of quartzite and Aldoloret. Moreover, the desert also has iron and other igneous rocks. In fact, they thrown with lava when those small volcanoes rebel. The Egyptian government announced the region of the desert as nature reserve in 2001.

In fact, it was because of its richness and biological diversity. The Black desert indeed is a scientific international research area. The second largest structure of a dinosaur in the world discovered in its mountain. In fact, it was near the mountains on the borders of the desert. Furthermore, there are some remains of fossilized bushes. In fact, they indicate that the Egyptian desert was a home to many animals even dinosaurs.

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