• Bannentiu tomb Bahariya Oasis
  • Bannentiu tomb Bahariya Oasis
  • Bannentiu tomb Bahariya Oasis

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Bannentiu tomb located in Bahariya oasis in Western Desert, Egypt. In fact, Bannentiu tomb belongs to Bannentiu who was Djedamun-ef-ankh’s son. Moreover he also was a powerful businessman. The tomb is large and well decorated. In fact, the tomb features a square-pillared hall and three side-chambers. In fact, the tomb consolidated and restored by the Supreme Council of Antiquities. Moreover, the tomb painted in vibrant reds and ochres. In fact, they are the brilliant earth tones of the oasis.

Bannentiu tomb plundered in antiquity and re-used for collective burials. In fact, it was during the Roman Period. Furthermore, the tomb shows that pious nobility of the oasis during the Late Period. And that is why Egyptology men consider it important. In fact, the decoration in the tomb damaged some years ago. It was when thieves hacked away some of the reliefs. Furthermore, the culprit caught and the blocks recovered. In fact, they taken to Cairo Museum and didn’t restore in the tomb.

Further details about Bannentiu tomb:

The tomb has a burial chamber with an inner sanctuary. Moreover, this tomb covered in fine reliefs. In fact, the reliefs depict Bannentiu in different positions with the gods. The most interesting pictures flank the entrance to the burial chamber. On one side, the journey of the moon shown with the moon. In fact, it is in the form of the god Khons. Moreover, it flanked by the goddesses Isis and Nephthys. The other side of the entrance decorated with the journey of the sun.

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