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Virgin Mary Monastery Dronka located about 10 kilometers from Asyut, Egypt. In fact, the monastery lies on the west bank of the Nile. Moreover, the monastery indeed is one of the most famous Monasteries in Egypt. The monastery was one of the last destinations which visited by the Holy Family. In fact, it was during their journey through Egypt. Moreover, the Holy Family, Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Joseph visited Asyut. In fact, it was before leaving Egypt for Nazareth. Since that time, monks of the monastery believe that this area inhabited by Christians. Indeed, this area of Egypt populated by the Christians. The monastery features the cave Chapel of St. Mary. In fact, this chapel dates back to the first century.

Further details about the Virgin Mary Monastery Dronka:

Moreover, the place receives as many as one million visitors per year. Furthermore, it said that the Virgin Mary appears in a luminous form within the chapel from time to time. This monastery should not confused with the much larger Al Muharraq monastery. The last one located further south and its name means The Burnt Monastery. In fact, it believed the the Holy Family arrived Asyut on the month of August. As a result, the monastery becomes crowded by visitors in August month. In fact, the monastery has celebrations from August 7th until the 21st every year. Moreover, the Monastery conducts masses and baptisms daily. Furthermore, Virgin Mary monastery Dronka receives visitors from 6 AM until 6 PM. Visitors may overnight in the Monastery provided to arrange a prior consent.

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