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Saluga and Ghazal Islands Aswan are two Islands which located in the Nile River. In fact, Saluga and Gazal Island Aswan are about 3 kilometers north of Aswan High Dam. Islands of Asbournati, Amoun and the plantation garden at Aswan are north of the reserve vicinity. As for Sehel Island, it lies in its southern area. The islands characterized by predominantly expanding kinds of bushes. In fact, they survived after the establishment of the Aswan Old Dam and the Aswan High Dam. Moreover, the huge greenery in the area comprises 94 kinds of various plants. The favorable natural conditions in the area provided wildlife chances for resident as well as migrating birds.

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In fact, about 60 kinds of these rare Birds live at the islands. In fact, a universal danger of their extinction is looming. Saluga and Ghazal Islands Aswan are granite Islands. They abound with 125 species of Birds and 120 species of flora,. The combined area named an Important Birds Area of Egypt and a tentative UNESCO world heritage site. Its six species of acacia are remnants of the gallery forest. In fact, the forest covered the Nile Valley before the introduction of farming thousands of years ago.

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