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Nubian village Aswan Egypt is a real hamlet which inhabited by Nubian indigenous people. In fact, the people at the Nubian village turned their homes to bazaars, cafes and restaurants. They also have places to display crocodiles. There is nothing more delightful than a visit to this unique village. In fact, the village consists of the villages of Siou and Koti. They nestled amid lush palm groves. The houses painted sky-blue, pink or yellow and often decorated with hajj scenes. Chickens peck in the dust and goats chew anything that happens to be lying around!. The village features mud brick alleys which twist past walled gardens. It is where the only concession to tourism is a signposted Nubian House.

The houses owners in the Nubian village Aswan sell tea and handicrafts. They also do henna painting on bodies. Rural and basic school rooms have minimal equipment. They also have happy children who excited to smile and say hello at any new faces visit them. Camels glide through on their way to transport tourists to local sites of interest. Local villagers trade their inexpensive handmade Nubian crafts. They also have small live baby crocodiles in cages for you to take pictures of and even hold!.

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Seeing the Nubian culture close and personal indeed is a lovely experience. In fact, the Nubian village Aswan has unique colorful painted houses. It also has basic but comfortable living standards and happy smiley people. You can reach the the village in Aswan by the Nile boats. Taking the boats will let you enjoy the beauty of the Nile River. It will also let you enjoy the islands which you will pass through. At the village, you will indeed enjoy the simplicity and calm. You will enter the Nubian Houses, play and take photos with crocodiles. The village has many Places to buy souvenirs, Nubian handicrafts and aromatic herbs.

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Siou and Koti villages located between the ruins of Abu and the Movenpick resort hotel. Stroll through their shady alleys and gardens. In fact, it is a wonderful way to experience life on modern Elephantine. A north-south path across the middle of Elephantine Island links the two villages. About halfway along is the Nubian Cafe, with a shady garden beside a traditional Nubian house. Close to the wall which separates the Movenpick from Siou village is Nubian House. It is where the owner serves tea, sells Nubian handicrafts. He also can arrange live music and dancing or henna “tattoos” with local women. Western women should respect the local tradition and wear modest clothes.

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