• Edfu temple Sound Light Show
  • Edfu temple Sound Light Show
  • Edfu temple Sound Light Show
  • Edfu temple Sound Light Show
  • Edfu temple Sound Light Show

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Edfu temple Sound Light Show narrates the historical story of the temple. In fact, the spectacular show, shows the legend of Horus (God of Edfu). It also shows his annual journey with Hathor (goddess of Dendara).
The Show at Edfu temple tells us also the struggle of Horus and his mother Isis against evil. This is one of the most magnificent sound an light projects ever to see. The show presented by using the latest Sound and Light technology.

In fact, they use video Projectors units with animated header. Moreover, they present (LED) lighting and high quality effects. It is by using the best global technology. The Edfu temple Sound Light Show presented in six languages. They are Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. All languages are available through headphone with simultaneous translation.

Further details about Edfu temple Sound Light Show:

Edfu temple dedicated to Horus, the falcon headed god. That is why it known as Horus temple. The temple located 60 kilometer north to Aswan in Egypt. Edfu was the 2nd Nome of Upper Egypt and also the center of the cult of a triad of Gods. It consisted of Horus of Behdet, Hathor, and their son, Hor-Sama-Tawy. In the old Greek documents Edfu known as “Apollopolis Magna”. In fact, it is because the Greeks identified Horus with their God Apollo. Edfu temple built during the reigns of six Ptolemies. We have a great deal of information about its construction from reliefs on outer areas. In fact, Edfu temple begun in 237 BC by Ptolemy III Euergetes I and finished in 57 BC.

Most of the work continued throughout this period with a brief interlude of 20 years. It is while there was unrest during the period of Ptolemy IV and Ptolemy V Epiphanes. Edfu temple or Horus temple is the best preserved ancient temple in Egypt. Moreover, Edfu temple is also the second largest after Karnak temple. Horus temple built on the site of the great battle between Horus and Seth. Hence, the current temple was the last in a long series of temples build on this location. Furthermore, the original structure housing a statue of Horus was a grass hut which built in prehistoric times. In addition, there is an earlier and smaller pylon of Ramses II . It sits in a 90 degree angle to the current building.

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