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Aswan Souk is a colorful bazaar which offers Egyptian and African goods. In fact, Aswan Souk known as Sharia as-Souq which means As Souk street. It is the cheapest place to buy souvenirs in Aswan, Egypt. It located about four blocks from the Nile and running about 7 blocks in parallel to the river. Aswan Souk has plenty of Egyptian and African goods. Starting from the southern end, As-Souq street appears much like the tourist bazaars all over Egypt. The souk has persistent traders who try to lure passers-by into their shops. It is to buy T-shirts, perfume, spices and beaded galabiyyas (robes). The shops at the souk also have roughly carved copies of Pharaonic statues. If you look down side alleys and walking further north reveals more exotic elements.

Here traders sell Nubian talisman for good luck, colorful Nubian baskets and scull caps. They also sell Sudanese swords, African masques, many stuffed crocodiles and desert creatures. This is also much a living market. It is where Nubians from Elephantine Island and around Aswan shop for food and live produce. Aswan Souk also includes fruit, vegetables, chickens and pigeons. In fact, Aswan is famous for the quality of its peanuts, henna powder which sold in different qualities. It also famous for and dried hibiscus flowers. The dried hibiscus flowers. used to make the much-loved local drink Karkadeh. The pace is slow specially in the late afternoon. The air has a slight whiff of sandalwood. As in ancient times, you may feel that Aswan is the gateway to Africa.

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