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Aswan National Parks include Saluga and Ghazal Islands which located in the Nile River. In fact, the islands are about 3 kilometers north of the High Dam. Islands of Asbournati, Amoun and the plantation garden at Aswan are north of the reserve vicinity. As for Sehel Island, it lies in its southern area. The Islands characterized by predominantly expanding kinds of bushes. In fact, they survived after the establishment of the Old Dam and the High Dam. Moreover, the huge greenery in the area comprises 94 kinds of various plants. The favorable natural conditions in the area provided wildlife chances for resident as well as migrating birds. In fact, about 60 kinds of these rare Birds live at Saluga and Ghazal Islands.

Aswan National Parks also include Sehel Island which located about 4 kilometers south of Aswan. In fact, Sehel Island located in the Nile to the north of the Old Dam. In ancient times travelers made a pilgrimage to the sacred Island of Sehel. It was on their way to Nubia or their return from an expedition to the south. They left inscriptions which record their appeals or prayers of gratitude for help. Several of them recorded events and journeys into Nubia. It was by officials on the king’s business. The inscriptions carved or bruised onto the jumbled mounds of granite boulders. They strewn over several areas of Sehel Island. In fact, Flinders Petrie visited the island of Sehel in 1887 and took photographs.

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Aswan National Parks also include Wadi El Allaqi which located 180 Km southeast of Aswan, Egypt. The area of the valley declared as a protectorate in 1989. In fact, the valley area is about 30000 square kilometer. The area is a large dry river which used to rise from the Red Sea hills especially Elba mountain. After the construction of the High Dam in Aswan, the water flowed and collected into the valley. And then, it became the lakes’ part. The valley features more than 90 species of plants. They are from the annual and perennial categories. Moreover, it also has over 15 species of mammals and 16 species of birds. The valley also has some venom containing reptiles and a large variety of invertebrates. The Wadi has greenery and rich soil acting as a pasture for animals.

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