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Villa of the Birds Alexandria discovered by the members of the Egyptian-Polish mission. It was during their forty years of work at Kom El Dekka, Alexandria, Egypt. In fact, Villa of the Birds Alexandria has tiny intricate mosaic tiles of beautiful birds. Moreover, the are from the remains of a large villa that stood here dating to the reign of Hadrian. It really had a stunning mosaic floor in the main room depicting various species of birds. Villa of the Birds indeed is one of the best preserved examples of a large Roman house in Egypt.

In fact, the villa destroyed with fire. Moreover, large sections of the mosaic tile floor have repaired and restored. Visitors must walk around a raised floor with over head shelter. In fact, it created to protect this beautiful workmanship. A group of archaeologists and conservators began the work at Villa of the Birds in 1998. It was to preserve and present the mosaics of Villa of the Birds to the public. The successful completion of the project was due to partnership between three major authorizations. They are Supreme Council of Archaeology (SCA) and American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE). Besides United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Further details about Villa of the Birds Alexandria:

This project is one of many restoration activities in Egypt. In fact, they are under the Egyptian Antiquities Project, which began in 1993. The Director of the mosaic project of Villa of the Birds was Dr. Wojciech Kolataj. He assisted by archaeologist Dr. Grzegorz Majchereck. The team included the conservator Ewa Parandowska and Conservator Essam Mursi. Moreover, it also included the mason Ramadan Abdel Rehim and laborer Mohamed Fawzi.

In fact, Villa of the Birds Alexandria is a Roman house. It named after the exceptional pavement depicting nine recognizable birds. They are pigeons, peacock, parrot, quail and water hen. Moreover, A mosaic surface of 110 square meters created by ancient artisans. They used different techniques to adorn floors. A fire had damaged the mosaics in the late third century AD. Intense heat caused the bulge of the mosaics and soot blackened their surface. The roof and wall of the villa collapsed causing the slump and break of the mosaics.

More details about Villa of the Birds Alexandria:

Conservators cleaned the fire blackened mosaics. Moreover, they repaired breaks caused by collapsing walls. They and restored the missing portions to protect them for the long term. An overhead cover constructed. Furthermore, an underground aeration system constructed to mitigate dampness in Villa of the Birds. An elevated walkway provides a viewing platform for visitors. Information panels explain the significance of the mosaics. During construction of the glass shelter, archaeologists discovered another mosaic. It depicts a panther using small cubes of marble, stone and glass paste. The horns of a defeated prey are still visible near the panther’s fore paws.

The prey erased from the scene during ancient repairs. Visitors to Villa of The Birds Alexandria may now view the mosaics. They also can see the imperial bath complex and the Odeon theater. Villa of the Birds provides an opportunity to see Roman mosaics. It is within a house which surrounded by contemporary monuments.

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