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Trianon Cafe Alexandria originally founded in Europe circa 1555. In fact, the cafe is an iconic tea room in Alexandria. Moreover, it allegedly opened in 1905 and harks back to the city’s golden days as a Cosmopolitan society. Trianon Cafe Alexandria located on the seafront side of Le Metropole Hotel on the city’s Corniche. It takes up nearly half of the hotel’s ground-floor block. The café and restaurant will take you back to the glory days of what this tea room looked like. In fact, it will happen once you enter through the dark wooden doors. Trianon once entertained royalty, foreign dignitaries and iconic figures. They are such as Om Kolthoum and Greek poet Cavafy.

The tea room’s open space and the Art Deco murals create a rustic and old school feel. In fact, the dark wood accents against light-green carpeting will do the same. To top it off, waiters and waitresses decked out head to toe in the traditional diner uniform; all black and white and pristine ironed. You will love the open coffee bar, though; the espresso came daintily served and did the job for around 9 LE. One of the Trianon Cafe Alexandria signature dishes is the delicious breakfast platter. It unfortunately not served after 11 AM. So get there early if you want to try breakfast in a classic Alexandrian atmosphere. For 30 LE, the club sandwich was seriously the size of the entire plate.

Further details about Trianon Cafe Alexandria:

Served with a side of mediocre fries, the sandwich consisted of three layers of toast side by side. It melded together by endless amounts of cheese– note: six pieces of bread in total. Turkey, lettuce and tomato filled the layers. The entire top covered in more melted cheddar cheese, three sliced eggs and topped with black olive. The Alfredo pasta was smaller in but just as rich in flavor. For 25 LE, a bowl of pasta came filled with cream and chicken, and seasoned with a light Italian mixture. Also on the menu were other sandwich and pasta options, as well as various salads and soups. All ranging between 15 LE to 50 LE.

Trianon Cafe Alexandria is the kind of café which attracts tourists and Cavafy fans. It also does the locals seeking a nostalgic return to the Alexandria. It now only captured in black-and-white photographs and classic Egyptian films. Head to Trianon, step back in time; and enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea while you’re at it.

Address: 52 Saad Zaghloul Street, Midan El Raml, Alexandria.

Tel: +20 3 486 0973
Opens at: 7 am

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