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Sofianopoulo Coffee Store Alexandria founded in 1908 by M Sofianopoulo. It was long before the Greek exodus in the mid 1930’s. Moreover, it stands to the present time at the western end of Saad Zaghloul Street in Alexandria. The store specialized in selling a mixture of Ethiopian, Yemenite coffee. It also sells Brazilian and Colombian coffee. Mr. El Tantawi took it over in 1932. Mr. Sofianopoulo stayed on for another five years before emigrating to Greece in 1937. Until the fifties the clients were mainly people over forty years old.

The youngsters did not use drink coffee, especially dark coffee. But, Sofianopoulo Coffee Store Alexandria expanded. It is willing to change with the times. In fact, it now offers light coffee with a variety of flavors such as hazelnut, chocolate, and vanilla. The Coffee Store Alexandria sells new types of coffee. The new types are Indonesian and Indian. They are cheaper and thus more affordable to the majority of the clients. In 1992, a small coffee shop added to the store, where clients can have a cup of coffee. In the morning you will find many people who have their breakfast there.  But in the evenings the young people from the area pop in for a cup of coffee.

Further details about Sofianopoulo Coffee Store Alexandria:

Tourists, too, often enjoy a coffee there. The superior quality of coffee made Sofianopoulo Coffee Store the supplier of coffee to many clients in Cairo. until the 1980s. Today, the store owned by Egyptians and houses the same old-style coffee grinding machines. This stood there since hundred year ago. The colossal sacks of odorant coffee beans coming from all around the world.

The shop is pretty wide and could easily accommodate a few tables and chairs. However, there is no place to sit in Sofianopoulo. Regulars and occasional visitors drink their freshly brewed espressos at the standing-only bar.  They also hunched at one of the shop’s counters.

Address: Saad Zaghloul Street, Midan El Raml, Alexandria.

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