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Saint Mina Monastery Egypt located approximately 50 km southwest of Alexandria city, Egypt. In fact, the monastery nestled in the small village-town of Abu Mina. That is why, sometimes the monastery called Abu Mina Monastery. St. Mina believed to have fallen as a martyr in the early 4th century. It was when the Roman Empire was persecuting Christians. Moreover, a modern monastery built on the location of an ancient church. It is where the Saint’s remains believed to be buried. A German archaeological team work at Abu Mina since 1969.

Buses depart regularly from Alexandria’s new station (Baheej Station) to Abu Mina town. After reaching Abu Mina town, you can catch a micro-bus to get to Saint Mina Monastery Egypt. The great martyr Saint Mina was an Egyptian young man who came from a large family, with rulers’ status. He left the army to live in the desert and be filled with the blessings of the heavens. Saint Mina then publicly declared his faith in Christ. Furthermore, Saint Mina martyred for Christ’s beloved name. It was after suffering great tribulations.

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God declared the greatness of Saint Mina through the blessings from his relics and countless miracles at Mariut, Egypt. Moreover, several churches built in his name, in that area. The largest of which was the great Cathedral (Basilica) built with seven altars by the Roman emperor Arcadius. He built it with marble and precious stones. Along with the other churches in the area, it attracted many pilgrims. The pilgrims who visited the site to receive the blessings of Saint Mina. In fact, the area turned into a city with homes, mansions, factories, markets and much more. This shows us the saint’s rank among Church saints. Time passed and the area along with its churches faced tribulations, then destruction.

Saint Mina’s relics moved from city to city in threat of being lost. God preserved this saint’s relics from many dangers. Moreover, the relics thrown into fire and did not burn, but instead shone a bright light. In fact, these relics lost and moved to another place many times. Every time, God would show that they are the relics of his beloved soldier, the martyr St. Mina. There is no doubt that it was God who guided the late Pope Kyrillos (Cyril) VI to revive the glorious memory of this magnificent saint. It is besides to bring back life to that land (Mariut). It is which St. Mina once filled with life and miracles. What Pope Cyril did was a noble accomplishment. In fact, it was itself a miracle more than anything. It was that God used to keep this saint’s memory alive.

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St. Mina’s memory brought back in an extraordinary way. In fact, he left a flame burning in many people’s hearts, until this day. The Pope’s relationship with Saint Mina goes back to the years of his childhood. When he was ordained a monk,  Anba Youaness ordained him with the name Mina. In fact, it was God’s will that. It was in the Baramous monastery. He also became closer to Saint Mina by using him as an example and praying for his intercession. When he forced to leave the windmill, he built a church in the saint’s name in Old Cairo. In fact, it was not enough to quench his fire of love for this saint.

He kept sending requests for permission from the agency of Archaeology. It was to live in the lower room of Saint Mina’s ancient church in Mariut. He waited for an answer prolonged. Furthermore, he remained persistent until he received the approval. After the altar lot announced him to be the new Patriarch of the See of St. Mark. This was a sign from heaven that the Pope understood. He would not live in a room, which he remained persistent in getting. Instead he would liven up the whole area after becoming Pope of Alexandria. Visitors to Saint Mina Monastery Egypt region used to look at it. They look with sad heart, for the destruction that came about it.

Further details about Saint Mina Monastery Egypt:

However, today, they can look at it from a joyful angle for the glorious works that Pope Cyril accomplished. It is in an area that deserted for centuries. He covered it with his faith and gave it his building spirit. This gave the land the heart beat of life and raised the voice of praises within it once again. Its old owner, the Martyr Saint Mina, returned to his land, dressing it once more with the attire of peace. The Pope never discouraged, from work, by the hardship of the way. His old age, the danger of the place, the difficulty of bringing water or building tools to it. And thus many miracles manifested on his hands. The Pope sent to the agency of “desert development” a request. It was to purchase 50 acres next to the ancient city in Mariut.

And the, he also sent another request for 50 more. In 1959, on the first feast for Saint Mina after the Pope’s ordination a large festival tent put up. The Pope sent his secretary to pray evening and raise of incense. He also sent him to ensure that everything was ready for the feast’s Holy Liturgy in the morning. In the morning, his holiness prayed the hymns and the Holy Liturgy. Those who received Holy Communion that morning were about 500 men and women. He then went to the land, which he had bought from the agency of desert development. He prayed, blessed it and placed the cornerstone of Saint Mina Monastery Egypt. During the feast, the Pope asked by some of those who were present. It was to sit in the large chair prepared for him. But he refused saying: “This chair is for Saint Mina”.

More details about Abu Mina Monastery:

The two Alexandrian contractors, Sharobeem and Farag Akladious, built a small church and two rooms for his holiness. They built also another for making the holy host. The Pope and those accompanying him spent months in these two rooms with no safety nor rest. It was just to ensure that the work completed. The Agency of Archaeology agreed to transport of bricks. The brickes had no archaeological value to use in the building of Saint Mina Monastery Egypt. The students used tractors to transport these stones.  It took two full years. A brick wall built around about fifteen acres from Saint Mina Monastery Egypt’s land. Some monk cells built along with another church which blessed in a large celebration attended by thousands of people.

Pope Kyrillos’ yearning for Saint Mina’s ancient church pushed him to ride a donkey to the ancient church. It was to receive the blessing of Saint Mina’s land. The ancient church or Basilica of Abu Mina with its seven altars was taking Pope Cyril’s mind. So he planned to build something similar to liven up the memory of his beloved hero.  The hero who was once visited in this same land by people. The people from all corners of the Earth and all walks of life seeking his prayers and intercession. The area occupied by the new Saint Mina Cathedral in Mariut is more than that of the old St. Mark Cathedral in Cairo. Before his death, Pope Cyril left 55,000 Egyptian pounds to complete this cathedral. It was to suit the glory of that heroic martyr, Saint Mina.

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