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Qattara Depression is the lowest point in Egypt. In fact, the depression is under sea level. Qattara Depression situated in the Northern part of the beautiful Western Desert. Its depths reach to 134 m below sea level. Moreover, it is the largest of seven such depressions in Egypt. Moghra Oasis is the oasis of the Depression. Moreover, it not inhabited. The depression covers about 18,100 square km. Moreover, it contains salt lakes and marshes. During World War II, the depression formed a natural anchor. It was at the southern end of the British defense lines at El Alamein. It was against the final advance of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel’s German army in July 1942. In the late 1970s oil deposits discovered in the southern part of the depression.

In fact, Qattara Depression extends between latitudes of 28°35′ and 30°25′ north. The longitudes of 26°20′ and 29°02′ east. The region created by the interplay of salt weathering and wind erosion. Some 20 kilometers west of the depression lie the oases of Siwa and Jaghbub. In fact, they are smaller but similar depressions. Moreover, the depression has the shape of a teardrop. Its point facing east and the broad deep area facing the south west. The northern side of the depression characterized by steep escarpments. They are up to 280 meters high, marking the edge of the adjacent El Diffa plateau. To the south the depression slopes gently up to the Great Sand Sea.

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Bedouin tribes and their livestock do move through the area. They use the waters and grass of Moghra for grazing. Qattara Depression indeed features beautiful rock formations. Moreover, they differ in size and shape, as well as saline marshes. It also features black dunes. Black dunes called Al Ghorood As Soud. They located in the South West of Qattara. These dunes are black due to the high shale content. The depression is the last known location where cheetahs found in Egypt. There are not enough individuals to sustain a population. Dorcas Gazelle also found there.

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