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Nelson’s Island Alexandria lies approximately 20 kilometers east of the Egyptian port of Alexandria. In fact, Nelson’s Island is four kilometers north of Cape Abu Qir. Moreover, it guards the northern approach of Abu Qir Bay. Abu qir bay is the western part of the Nile Delta. In antiquity, the Bay provided one of the primary commercial routes. In fact, it leads into the Nile River and so became a major commercial and religious center. The position of the Island ensured that it too became an important site. Dr. Gallo’s excavations that commenced in 1997 are beginning to reveal its archaeological riches.

Nelson’s Island Alexandria is quite small extending around 350 meters on a rough north south axis. Moreover, the Island is about 125 meters at its widest point (the southern end). But as Dr. Gallo points out ‘it is small for an island but big for an archaeological site!’. The island littered with potsherds and the faint outline of walls and structures. Moreover, in antiquity the island was larger than today. Erosion and heavy quarrying of yellow sandstone played their part. Their part was in reducing the size of the island.

Further details about Nelson’s Island Alexandria:

In October 2001 The Nelson Society contacted by Dr. Paolo Gallo. He is a Professor of Egyptology at the University of Torino (Turin). Furthermore, he also is Director of the Italian Archaeological Institute. The institute based at Alexandria, Egypt. Dr. Gallo’s exciting news was that during excavations of ancient structures on Nelson’s Island Alexandria. he discovered some artifacts, graffiti and burials. He believed that they related to the British occupation of the island. They are from shortly after the Battle of the Nile. In fact, it was in August 1798 to Keith’s and Abercrombie’s landings in March 1801.

Dr. Gallo concerned that these burials were under direct threat from erosion. Both from the subsidence of the island and general weathering, as well as from human action. Nelson’s Island Alexandria became a local picnicking and fishing site. Dr. Gallo was anxious that these graves would shortly lost. That learnt from them if nothing done to excavate and to re bury them.

More details about Nelson’s Island Alexandria:

Nick Slope was Vice Chairman of The Nelson Society. He visited Alexandria and Nelson’s Island in April 2002. It decided to support Dr. Gallo’s excavation as much as was possible. A plan and budget prepared and put. The action plan and budget approved. The fund raising, detailed planning and background research commenced. Unfortunately Dr. Gallo fell ill in September 2002.

The excavation delayed by some weeks while he recovered. In fact, the excavation now underway and Nick Slope joined the dig on 20 October 2002. This is to excavate and record those burials under threat. Artifact evidence study, record and publish the graffiti were under the direction of Dr. Gallo. They decided that to keep The Nelson Society membership and anyone else who interested up to date.

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