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Montaza Maamoura Archaeological sites are in a small bay in the eastern part of Alexandria, Egypt. They overlooked by Montaza Complex. In fact the archaeological sites are a testimony to the evident marine activity. The evident marine activity took place in the region in the period between the 1st and 6th centuries. Taposiris Parva, or the “Small Temple of Osiris” stood once on the small island. The island overlooks the bay from the east. The temple demolished in the 5th century. It was when Christians decided to destroy pagan temples throughout Alexandria. Moreover, the temple also known for its pagan High Priestess, Hypatia of Alexandria and daughter of Theon.

The Geometer who was the last head of the Great Alexandria Library before its destruction. This extraordinary historical figure known to be a talented mathematician, astronomer and philosopher. She shared her knowledge with her followers at the temple. She incurred the wrath of the church, which considered her acts as going against Christian beliefs. In March 416, Hypatia of Alexandria apprehended and beaten, before dragged into a church. Her abductors scraped her skin off with oyster shells or tiles. She believed that buried in an area known then as Cinaron.

Further details about Montaza Maamoura Archaeological sites:

There are no remnants of Taposiris Parva on the island, nor in the waters. The main attraction of the site is a long (approx. 200 m) stone pier dating back to the 1st century. It lies in 3 to 6 meters of water, surrounded by pieces of amphorae and small anchors. Maamoura Archaeological site located more to the east of Montaza. There lie the remnants of another stone pier, dating to approximately the same period. The area, some 6 meters deep also littered with pieces of amphorae and anchors.

A few years ago, one could also see bronze naval artifacts. Montaza Maamoura Archaeological sites can accessed from shore. You will need to make a somewhat long swim to reach them. Boats are also available for rent. The staff at the water sports center located in Montaza. The staff will be happy to help you out and guide you through your dive.

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