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Mahmoud Saeed Museum in Alexandria located in Alexandria city, Egypt. In fact, Mahmoud Saeed Museum belongs to the famous artist Mr. Mahmoud Saeed. Mr. Saeed born in Alexandria, Egypt son of Muhammad Saeed Pasha, the Prime Minister of Egypt in that period. After receiving his high school diploma, he went on to law school, receiving his degree in 1919. Moreover, between 1919 and 1921 he traveled through Europe, ultimately studying at the Académie Julian. He returned to Egypt and worked at the Mixed Courts of Egypt until his father’s death in 1950.

Furthermore, between 1919 and his death in 1964, Saeed was a prolific oil painter. In Alexandria, his first trained with Italian painter, Amelia Casonato Da Forno, and later with Arturo Zanieri. He often shared the studio of his good friend, the Greek painter, Aristomenis Angelopoulos. A short visit to the Mahmoud Saeed Museum will transport you to the 40’s and 50’s. In fact, it is the Egyptian 20th century golden era. Moreover, after retiring from his judge duties, Mahmoud Saeed started to paint Egypt as he saw it. Furthermore, he mixed some echoes from the past with modern techniques such as cubism and social realism.

Further details about Mahmoud Saeed Museum in Alexandria:

Housed in the artist’s beautiful Italian-style villa, the Museum has display about 40 of his paintings. In fact, Mahmoud Saeed museum also features many of Holdings of Adham Wanli and Seif Wanli. Moreover, it also features other holdings of the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art. Furthermore, the museum opened in 2000 and concerns a new addition to Art in Alexandria. In fact,  the most important paintings in the center is the maternity painting – Sultan girl. The museum is a part of the memory of his emotional and artistic mother. In fact, it houses many of art collections.

Address: 6 Mohammad Saeed Pasha St., Gianaclis area, Alexandria.
Opening Hours: From 10 am to 6 pm, closed on Mondays

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