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Delices Pastry Shop Alexandria established in 1922. Since then, the shop delivers clients the finest selection of pastries. It also delivers baked goods and confectioneries from around the world. The family at the shop believes in making delicious desserts. They create the most sensational dessert experience in Alexandria and all Egypt!

In fact, It built in 1922 by the Greek Cleovolous Moustakas, Delices’. Moreover, it is flagship store in Ramleh Station in Alexandria, Egypt. Moreover, it became a well known landmark for all tourists and local residents. Who want to experience the beauty of the Mediterranean Pearl !. Come celebrate life at Delices Cafe. While you are there, enjoy our exclusive pastries at Delices Patisserie.

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Nowadays, the shop houses the fine dining “La Veranda Restaurant”. At “La Veranda Restaurant” you can sample exquisite French and Greek dishes in a classy atmosphere. This will transport you back to the days when the Pearl of the Mediterranean lived its glorious era.

Address: 46 Saad Zaghloul St, El Raml Station, Alexandria. Tel: +20 3 486 1432.

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