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Athineos Alexandria founded in 1900 in Alexandria city in Egypt. In fact, it indeed is one of Alexandria’s oldest coffee shops and restaurants. It located opposite Midan El Ramlin Alexandria. The building still exudes its ancient charm. Furthermore, it became over the past few years a favorite haunt of tourist groups. These who touring the Pearl of the Mediterranean. In fact, lunches organized in a buffet setting. They offered within the restaurant’s huge dining room. If you plan to explore Alexandria at your own, try getting to Athineos. You have to go to it in the early morning. This is if you are looking for a coffee and breakfast. You will have the company of the original unmovable Alexandrian customers.

Further details about Athineos Alexandria:

That is when you’ll be able to enjoy all the quietness you need to gaze freely. You will do it at the ornamental details of the place. In fact, it features high decorated ceilings and walls. It also features Art-Deco furniture, beautiful imposing columns and the Greek inspired sculptures.

Address: 21 Midan Saad Zaghloul, Alexandria
Tel: +20 3 486 8131

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