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Alexandria Opera House constructed in 1918 during the reign of Sultan Fuad I. It named Muhammad Ali Theater. The original owner of Alexandria Opera House called Badr El Din Kerdany. He appointed a French architect who’s name is Georges Baroque to do the design of it. In 1921, it was host to celebrated Arab and foreign singers. In 1962 the opera renamed “Sayed Darwish Theater” to honor Mr. Sayed Darwish. Sayed Darwish a famous Egyptian musician. Moreover, Sayed Darwish is the one who composed the Egyptian national anthem. Unfortunately, the ravages of time destroyed the exquisite beauty of the Opera House building.

The earlier attempts of restoration the building, did in fact more harm than good. In 2000, the neglected building put on Egypt’s Heritage List. In the same year the extensive renovation work began. The Opera House restored to its former splendor. It was after several years of skillful work on the structure of the building. It features fragile decorative elements. President Hosni Mubarak and his wife attended the re opening of Alexandria Opera House. It was in 2004. Today, it accommodates artistic performances by the Cairo Opera House companies. They are Opera and ballet companies. They also include the symphony or opera orchestras.

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There are visiting companies, local and foreign recitals and cultural Weeks. There also Arab and international festivals. Alexandria Opera House establishes to ballet, classical and Arab music talents. A department named Talents Development Center also established at the Opera. In this center, educators and academic professors teach. They also set up performances with young Egyptian who have talents. The venue hosts today world class events. It include all time favorite operas and ballets performed by local and international companies. The gorgeous auditorium also hosts concerts and recitals. It also hosts Arab and international festivals and cultural gatherings.

Alexandria Opera House is in its own bubble with a quite, clean, classy look . You will be hard pressed to find elsewhere in Alex. Prices are also reasonable and there is even a bar around the corner. It is near to Cavafy Museum. Cavafy Museum Alexandria belongs to Mr. Constantine Cavafy. He was born in 1863, in Alexandria, Egypt and where he lived most of his life. The apartment where he spent his last 35 years was in Lepsius Street. It renamed “Sharm El Sheikh”. In fact, it was after the site at the entrance of the Bay of Aquaba, made over into a museum. It done to honor the life and works of the great Alexandrian poet. So you can visit this museum on the morning while you plan to attend opera by evening.

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In fact, the opera house is also near to Anfushi tombs. The tombs are limestone tombs. They date back to 250 BC and painted to simulate alabaster and marble. Moreover, they decorated with pictures of Egyptian gods and daily life. They are along with graffiti. They located on a spit of land that was once an island known as Pharos Island.

Alexandria Opera House also near to Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue. The synagogue located in Nabi Daniel street. it Built in 1354. It bombed by the French during their invasion of Egypt in 1798. It re-built in 1850 with contributions from the Mohammad Ali Dynasty. Although services still held in the synagogue, it now caters to a small community of Jewish. This is due to the dwindling number of Jews in Alexandria. It is one of the largest synagogues in the Middle East. This magnificent Italian-built structure served Alexandria’s once thriving and cosmopolitan Jewish community.

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