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Alexandria Shopping represented by Anfushi Fish Market. The market attracts a lot of customers for buying their needs from fish and marine organisms. The time of bids in the early morning after dawn is the best because the override votes and auctions start. Moreover, the auctions are to buy fresh fish which which caught at night. Wake up early and take a stroll down to the Anfushi Fish market. Over there, you will discover that the sea is  generous with the Alexandrian fishermen. Heading there in the early morning guarantees you will be in front row seats. The daily spectacle of fishermen throw their flapping catches off the boat. Locals trying to haggle for the best price while pondering the quality of the fishes.

Alexandria Shopping also represented by San Stefano Grand Plaza. Grand Plaza houses Four Seasons hotel and private residences. Moreover, it houses also a private marina and a lavish mall. San Stefano Grand Plaza features 4 floors of retail shops. The state of the art features  cinemas, a children’s amusement center and Metro supermarket. Moreover, it also features several coffee shops and a food court with an endless variety of choices. Grand Plaza Alexandria is all about extravagance. So, if you look for the finer more distinguished brands, it is the place to shop. There are also some mid-range international brands available.

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Alexandria Shopping also represented by Souk El Attarine. It is more of a labyrinth of narrow alleys and pedestrian streets. The souk bursts with all types of shops dotting both sides of the streets. Moreover, the souk has merchants selling all types of souvenirs and traditional Egyptian artifacts. The traditional Egyptian artifacts are such as sheeshas, colorful blown glass products, Gallabeyyas, belly-dancing costumes, spices and antiques. Souk El Attarine is specially for antiques. Collectors will have a great load of fun diving through the accumulated piles of historical relics in each shop. Keep in mind that it is forbidden to export any Ancient Egyptian antiquities from Egypt without a permit.

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Anfushi Fish Market Alexandria Egypt
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San Stefano Grand Plaza Alexandria
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Souk El Attarine Alexandria
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