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Ain Sokhna snorkeling is really pristine. In fact the snorkeling didn’t become famous in the best diving locations in Egypt yet. But indeed it has the potential of becoming a big hit on the Red Sea top Diving destinations list. Ain Sokhna located on the Red Sea coast of Egypt. Moreover, it is about 100 Kilolmeter from Cairo. So, you can combine historical tour of Pyramids and Egyptian Museum with Snorkeling trip there. After renting your snorkeling gear, you’ll take a little dingy from the shore. And then come closer to the larger boats which wait for you offshore.

Further details about Ain Sokhna snorkeling:

After a Short Sea Cruise, you’ll throw yourself into a whole new world. In fact, it is like what you might watched “Finding Nemo”. But the greatest thing is that, this time, it’s for real and in 3-D!. Ain Sokhna snorkeling will let you see the clown fish. In fact, the clown fish abounds in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. Moreover, you will also see angelfish, blue tangs and butterfly fish of all kinds. Furthermore, Ain Sokhna also features amazing corals and anemones. Moreover, the small reef fishes come to play. Soon enough, you’ll tempted to go deeper. A day trip for snorkeling over there can arranged by your hotel in Cairo. We also do it. Just contact us.

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