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Abu Simbel Sun Perpendicularity also called the Sun Festival. This event indeed is the greatest event which happens twice a year in Egypt. The first one happens on 22 February and the second one happens on 22 October. In fact, Ramses II built his temples in a special and a unique way. They way which lets the internal chamber lights up two times a year. In fact, the twenty two of February is the anniversary of his ascension to Egypt. Moreover, the twenty two of October is his birthday. In fact, the event is the most important event in Egypt.

Further details about Abu Simbel Sun Perpendicularity:

Every year on the Sun Festival, crowds gather before sunrise. It is to observe the stream of light gradually sneaks through the stone and. Furthermore, it enlightens the statuettes of Ramses, Ra and Amun in the central chamber. Only the statue of Ptah – the god of darkness – remains in the shade. In fact, it remains in shade even on these two special days of the year. The event indeed is amazing experience. Once you are in Egypt during this dates, don’t miss this great event.

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