Cairo Nightlife Cafes featured by Cairo Jazz Club. It is the right place to Jazz it up. Moreover, it features live performance and delicious drinks. It this is one of the best places to go for a lovely night out in Cairo. Moreover, it has one of those smoky atmospheres. It seems to go hand in hand with Jazz. It that’s not all they play. There are electronic nights and some beautiful Oriental Jazz sets. The venue is open from 5 PM till 3 AM, and has happy hour from 7 to 9, where drinks are two for one. It’s best to reserve if you’re planning a visit as many locals and expats frequent the club. Anyone under 25 will not admitted.

Cairo Nightlife Cafes also featured by Cairo Opera House. In fact, it is a part of Cairo’s National Cultural Center. It is the main performing arts venue in the Egyptian capital. Moreover, Cairo Opera House is the home to most of Egypt‘s finest musical groups. It located on the southern part of Gezira Island in the Nile River. It is in the Zamalek district west of and near downtown Cairo.

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Cairo Nightlife Cafes also featured by El Fishawy Cafe. It is indeed the most renowned cafe in the Arab world. It is a monument to the traditional Egyptian social style. El Fishawy Cafe is popular for relaxing with friends and colleagues. It is the occasional stranger over coffee, tea and tobacco. Some 240 years ago, a man named El Fishawy began serving coffee to his friends. It was in an alley of Cairo’s Khan El Khalili district. This was each evening after prayers. According to his descendants El Fishawy’s gatherings grew larger. It fueled by the talk of the town.

Cairo Nightlife Cafes also featured by La Bodega Bistro. It is one of Cairo’s most refined venues. Moreover, it tucked away on the second floor of a beautiful old Baehler’s Mansions building. It is in the uptown Zamalek area in Cairo, Egypt. There is no sign indicating the restaurant / bar. You just head upstairs and there it is. The cuisine at La Bodega Bistro regarded as some of the best in Cairo. It is intercontinental, but with strong French and Mediterranean overtones. The decor is lovely with dark wood, a copper bar and exquisite pieces of art adorning the walls. If you’re planning a night at La Bodega Bistro, it’s best to dress up. It is is an exclusive venue; reservations recommended.

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Cairo Nightlife Cafes also featured by Le Pacha 1901. It is the right place to go if you are looking for extravagant Nile side dining. Le Pacha 1901 features 9 restaurants offering scrumptious meals from around the globe. Le Pacha 1901 also has several function rooms where you can hold events. It located in Cairo. Le Pacha 1901 is the winner of the Best Restaurant in Egypt for 2010. The venue located in the upscale Zamalek area and is a “floating palace”. The variety and quality of dining in Le Pacha is almost unrivaled in Egypt.

Cairo Nightlife Cafes also featured by Nile City Boat. It has five different restaurants and amazing views of the Nile. Moreover, it located by the 6th of October Bridge on Zamalek in Cairo. It is a great place to visit for lunch or dinner. Chili’s is a well known international brand. It is one of the most frequented places on board. Moreover, it offers Tex Mex meals. It offers indoor and outdoor seating. Both are with good views of the river. Johnny Carino’s is another restaurant on board the moored Nile City Boat. It offers wonderful Italian cuisines. Cuisines include pastas, pizzas, soups, and salads.

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Cairo Nightlife Cafes also featured by Nile Crystal. It is one of the most elegant cruising restaurants on the Nile. The dock of Nile Crystal cruise is on Maadi Cornish in Cairo. Nile Crystal known to have the best quality of service one can find on a Nile cruise in Egypt. The house band performs your all-time favorite Western and Oriental tunes. It is with a twist, as you dine on either a Open Buffet or Set Menu. Nile Crystal cruise program includes spectacular belly dancing show.

Cairo Nightlife Cafes also featured by Nile Maxim cruise. It is a cruising restaurant in Cairo. Moreover, it offers an exceptional and luxurious model of the cruising restaurants in Cairo. It is the only one serving “A La Carte” International cuisine. Nile Maxim cruise features live entertainment program. The program adds an unforgettable atmosphere to the whole scenery. It also features extravaganza Band‚ Belly Dancer and the Folkloric Tanoura show “Spin Man”.

Cairo Nightlife Cafes also featured by Nile Pharaoh cruise. It is a great way to spend a Cairo evening or enjoy a sumptuous lunch on the Nile. Nile Pharaoh cruise begins in Giza and traverses the Nile to the downtown area. An then back, taking approximately two hours. On board you will entertained by a belly dancer and an Egyptian singer, as well as a folkloric show. Western Music is also played.

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