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Sulayman Agha Al Silahdar mosque situated in Qasaba district. It is northward Darb El Asfar in Cairo. The mosque established by Prince Sulayman. He occupied many prominent posts in the days of Mohammed Ali. Moreover, these posts include the Armor or the supervisor of the arsenal. He credited to building other buildings in Cairo at that time. In fact, Sulayman Agha Al Silahdar mosque distinguished by the variety of decorations. Moreover, it combines between the Cairene style of decoration and other styles from Istanbul. This appears in the facade’s decoration and the windows over it.

Besides to the plant forms and the wooden eaves that appear in the mosque and the Sabil alike. Moreover, the interior plan of Sulayman Agha Al Silahdar mosque consists of a central courtyard. It also divided into three main aisles and forecourt. Both of them directed to Mecca. Furthermore, next to the entrance, there is a balustrade for reciting Holy Quran. Sulayman Agha Al Silahdar mosque has shallow keel-shaped arcades. They support the interior plan. The large marble inlaid Mihrab. In the upper floor of the mosque one can find the Malqaf. Malqaf is window scope. It designed for allowing the fresh air to enter the mosque.

Further details about Sulayman Agha Al Silahdar mosque Cairo:

Sulayman Agha Al Silahdar mosque dates back to 1839. It renowned for its “pencil-like” minaret. It is a tall and thin structure and which built in the Ottoman style. Sulayman Agha Al Silahdar mosque appears so elegant. This is because of the mixture of Ottoman, Cairene and other unexpected architectural styles. You might even spot some Baroque features on the mosque’s pillars. The refined window grills featuring arabesque patterns. They are also something you should pay attention to. The mosque also includes a beautiful round Sabil. The fountain not located under the Kuttab, but next to it.

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