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Savoy Sharm Spa earned a reputation second to none for outstanding quality and service. In fact, every feature designed to enhance the guests’ experience. Savoy Sharm embodies the highest traditional values, with exceptional restaurants, bars and entertainment. In fact, Savoy Sharm spreads over 200,000 m² of lush tropical foliage, waterfalls and serene surroundings. Moreover, the hotel lies at the heart of the spectacular White Knight Beach on the Red Sea. In fact, it is in the South Sinai Peninsula of Egypt.

The area renowned for its natural beauty with a rich variety of flora and fauna, desert and majestic mountains. In fact, Savoy Sharm is 8 km from Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. Moreover, it is in front of SOHO Square. Sinai Mount, St. Catherine’s Monastery, Dahab, Colored Canyon and Pharaoh’s Island are within easy reach. Furthermore, Savoy Sharm Arabian Spa and the Sierra’s Aqua Spa offer top-notch facilities and services. In fact, the services include fitness rooms, saunas, steam rooms and Jacuzzi.

More information about Savoy Sharm Spa:

Qualified therapists can help you to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, there is a rooftop rest area with parasols at the Arabian Spa. Each offers the highest level of personalized service with a variety of massages. In fact, they use international techniques, body exfoliation and glows. Moreover, they also use reflexology and a range of head-to-toe body treatments. Manicures and pedicures are available.

Only Egyptian natural herbs and essential oils are incorporated in spa treatments. The professional, personal approach rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit. In fact, it is with luxurious treatments and sublime pampering. Head-to-toe treatments include body glows and massages and luxurious packages that will suit your mood. Aromatherapy massages and hot-oil masks improve your well-being.

Hotel contacts:

Address: PO Box 169, SOHO Square Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt.
Tel: (+2069) 3602500 Fax: (+2069) 3602777
e-mail: [email protected]

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