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Safaga Kite Windsurfing is one of the most favorite sports and activities in Safaga. In fact, the city located on the Egyptian Red Sea. Moreover, Safaga has hosted the Red Sea World Windsurfing Competition in 1993. This event should give you a hint about the Safaga Kite Windsurfing. In fact, wind and water conditions in this part of the Red Sea are ideal for this unique sport. Safaga indeed is set on one of the world’s top Kite & Windsurfing destinations. Moreover, Safaga has a gulf which is totally free of any immediate reef systems. Furthermore, it has amazingly crystal clear and safe waters. As a result, all ensure perfect conditions for all boarding Activities.

Most of Safaga’s hotels will help you get in contact with Kite & Windsurfing professionals to master your technique. Some companies also offer boat trips to the nearby islands. In fact, it is where you can enjoy more exciting wind or kite surfing experience. Contact us if you interested in Kite and Windsurfing in Safaga.

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