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Valley of the Queens Luxor lies southwest of the village and temples of Medinet Habu. It is roughly 500 meters west of Deir El Medina, on the west bank of the Nile. In fact, the valley hidden in a Y-shaped ravine in the western cliffs. Moreover, the valley served as a necropolis for the tombs of Royal Family members. It also did for the elite. Furthermore, the Valley of the Queens Luxor has about 90 numbered tombs. In fact, the tombs belong to queens, princes, and high officials of the New Kingdom. The New Kingdom was from 1550 to 1070 BC. The location of the valley chosen indeed carefully. A large storm in this area brings about a dramatic over pouring of water. It is from the rock cleft at the site’s western end.

In fact, it contributed to its magical atmosphere. It also contributed in the association with the great mother goddess Hathor. During the 18th Dynasty (1550 – 1295 BC), high officials chose to bury in the valley. The first member of the Royal Family to was Sitre (QV 38). In fact, she was the wife of Ramses I of the 19th Dynasty (1295 – 1294 BC). By the end of the reign of Ramses III, the Valley of the Queens Luxor seen extensive use. During the Third Intermediate Period, some tombs reused and modified. Finally, during the Roman Period (30 BC – 364 AD), the tombs again reused for the burial of animal mummies. Many of the tombs in the valley fell victim to robbery in antiquity. The late New Kingdom Abbott Papyrus is now in the British Museum.

Further details about the Valley of the Queens Luxor:

In fact, it describes an inspection of the valley. It also mentions the tomb of Queen Isis (QV 5), which disturbed. Other thieves attacked and vandalized the tombs over the millennia. In fact, few artifacts found in Situ here. An Italian mission performed the first scientific excavation of the site. The mission was from the Turin Museum during the early 1900. Ernesto Schiaparelli was an Egyptology man who worked for the Italian mission. In fact, he discovered the tomb of Queen Nefertari (QV 66), wife of Ramses II, in 1905. It was at the Valley of the Queens Luxor. In fact, the tomb indeed is one of the most beautiful tombs in Egypt.

The tomb remains closed to the public due to its fragile state for long time. It opened since 1995 for the visitor. The Valley of Queens Luxor has other well-preserved tombs. They are such as the tomb of Prince Amunherkhepshef and Queen Titi tomb. Furthermore, they also include the tomb of Prince Khaemwaset. The Valley of the Queens may hold secrets which not revealed yet. In fact, some of its tombs, such Isetnofret tomb still lost beneath the sands. Isetnofret was a secondary wife of Ramses II.

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