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Luxor Fun and Leisure include Fair Trade Center. The center located near the Emilio Hotel on Karnak Street. In fact, from the outside, the center looks as if it is just another gift and souvenir shop. However, when one enters the shop it becomes clear that it is quite different. That is because the Fair Trade Center is not an ordinary shop. Every product is a story of a poor family earning money from selling their products. They sell their products Fair Trade Center and similar organizations. The organization collects their products from a lot of places around Egypt. The girls working in the Fair Trade Center well educated. Moreover, they have the skills and the language to deal with tourists. They deal with them in a friendly and professional manner.

Luxor Fun and Leisure also include Hot Air Balloon ride in the early morning. It indeed is one of the most breathtaking ways to see Luxor. The sunrise view you’ll catch while floating up in the clouds is worth waking up early. Moreover, the way the sun hits the magnificent temples. It lights up the green of the Nile banks is a sight you will never forget. Furthermore, there are many balloon companies you can arrange a trip with. They are subject to rigid security regulations. You can ask us (Egypt Travel Link) or also your hotel for more details. Moreover, it is also possible to organize these trips with the balloon companies.

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Luxor Fun and Leisure also include Royal Valley Golf Club. The Golf Club offers an inspiring experience of golfing. It located in Luxor, Egypt. In fact, The Golf Club is just a few moments away from Luxor’s ancient landmarks. Furthermore, it situated on Luxor’s East Bank a few km away from the city center. Royal Valley Golf Club features an elegant clubhouse. The golf course offers a wonderful combination of year round sunshine and desert Golf. The Golf Club is also superb golfing experience. It features 18– hole championship course. The 18—hole championship course designed by the reputed American architect Arthur Davis. Par 72 measuring 6.735 yard. The front nine also features many water hazards with generous features and well protected greens.

Luxor Fun and Leisure include the Sound and Light Show at Edfu temple. The show narrates the historical story of the temple. In fact, the spectacular show, shows the legend of Horus. It also shows his annual journey with Hathor (goddess of Dendara). The sound and light show tells us also the struggle of Horus and his mother Isis against evil. This is one of the most magnificent sound an light projects ever to see. The Sound and Light Show at Edfu temple presented by using the latest Sound and Light technology. In fact, they use video Projectors units with animated header. Moreover, they present (LED) lighting and high quality effects. It is by using the best global technology. The Sound and Light Show presented in six languages.

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Luxor Fun and Leisure include the Sound and Light Show at Karnak temple. The show highlights the dramatic history of ancient Thebes. In fact, the show narrates the achievements of some great Pharaohs. It is with poetic descriptions of the ancient treasures. In the Sound and Light Show, pharaohs arise to tell the story of their interesting lives. Moreover, it is while haunting music flows through this ancient city. In addition, ancient and poetic voices tell the visitors about the birth of Karnak temple. The voices also tell the heroic achievements of pharaohs and god Amun. It indeed is an enchanting and supernatural experience to attend the Sound and Light Show at Karnak temple.

You will listen to sound effects and gaze at the magnificent ruins illuminated. All these during the well presented Sound and Light Show at Karnak temple. Karnak is one of the most important temples of the city of Luxor. In fact, its construction started in the reign of King Seti I. It completed during the reign of King Ramses II. The temple located three kilometers to the north of Luxor Temple. It built for the worship of the sacred trinity of Tehbes, Amoun-Re, his Wife, Mootand son. Karnak temple is indeed the largest Temples of the ancient world.

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