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Movenpick Resort Spa El Gouna Egypt

Movenpick Resort Spa

Movenpick Resort Spa El Gouna, Egypt information, tours, booking

Movenpick Resort Spa located on the Egyptian Red Sea Coast in El Gouna. In fact, Movenpick Resort Spa is a luxurious Angsana Spa. The resort nestled on a peninsula with its own exclusive beach front. Moreover, the resort offers spectacular views of the Red Sea. Furthermore, the resort also features tranquil lagoons and lush gardens. The ideal surroundings which combined with the resort’s facilities make indeed a perfect stay. Go pamper your self at this amazing spa center after a day of sightseeing or Shopping. Movenpick Resort Spa lets you relax after the swimming in the private beach or pools of the resort. Indulge yourself with one of the special treatments at this amazing Spa.

Unwind in one of the whirlpool baths. And then enjoy exceptional Ayurvedic massage treatments and facials. The “Mysterious Euphoria Oil” bound to make your skin glow and your worries disappear. In fact, the Future Spa offers 6 treatments rooms including one VIP room. Moreover, it also features Jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna and a Turkish bath. Let the trained therapists pamper you and experience the pleasure of a rejuvenating massage. The charming center of El Gouna features its own picturesque architecture and many attractions. In fact, they are only a few minutes away and Hurghada International Airport. Moreover, they can reached in 30 minutes.

Further details about Movenpick Resort Spa:

In fact, Movenipck Resort Spa located at the Movenpick Resort El Gouna. The resort features 420 rooms and suites which are spacious and bright. Moreover, they rooms feature modern amenities with private terraces or balconies. So you can unwind and enjoy the great views and the relaxing atmosphere of the surrounding. Enjoy dining and culinary creativity in the restaurants of the resort. It is where you can experience delectable buffet at Palavrion. Moreover, you can also experience exotic Thai flavors at Bua Khao. Furthermore, you can also enjoy superb seafood at El Sayadin on the shores of the Red Sea. For casual moments throughout the day, Oasis and Lagoon are inviting to unwind by the pool.

Movenpick Resort Spa & hotel also features meeting rooms which host up to 500 persons. In fact, there is plenty to do in the resort besides to the spa at Movenpick Resort Spa. You can relax by the beach or at one of the 3 pools. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the unparalleled sports activities. In fact, the available sports activities include kite surfing, diving and golf.

Movenipck Resort Spa contacts:

Tel:+20 22418 22 82.

email: resort.elgouna@moevenpick.

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Hilton Pyramids Spa Cairo Egypt

Hilton Pyramids Spa Cairo Egypt

Hilton Pyramids Spa Cairo information, tours, prices, booking

Hilton Pyramids spa Cairo located at Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort. It is at 6 of October city. Moreover, it is minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo city. Hilton Pyramids spa is also 1800 square meters center. It is the ideal sanctuary for relaxation and well-being. In fact, it is an oasis of exceptional personal service and amenities!. Indulge in a hydro-thermal pool bath to release your neck and back tensions. It is before trying one of the various massages on offer. These performed by trained professionals. Hilton Pyramids spa Cairo facilities include all-year-around Heated Indoors Swimming Pool. It also features Heated Hydro-massage Pool, Sauna and Steam.

Hilton Pyramids spa Cairo features fitness room and Studio. It has 14 treatment cabins and up standard spa equipment (dry area and wet area). The mission is to give each client an experience that is beyond expectations. It offers outstanding service and a complete professional range of Sothys Paris signature. It features tailored facials, hydro-therapy and aromatherapy-oils based spa therapy. They are for body and mind well-being. Hilton Pyramids spa offers exclusive European methods and Sothys offers original. They targeted answers to all your skin concerns. The unique facial treatments combine high technology formulas. A cocktail of active ingredients to smooth, firm, revitalize and illuminate the skin.

Further details about Hilton Pyramids spa Cairo:

Hilton Pyramids spa Cairo also offers Hydro-therapy. In fact, it is a therapeutic whole body treatment. Moreover, it involves moving and exercising in water-physiotherapy in a pool. Heal your body from pain and stress in the wonderful Heated Hydro-massage pool. Furthermore, Hilton Pyramids spa Cairo also offers a combination of heat and various water-jets. Furthermore, it increase circulation and stimulate the body’s natural cycle of recuperation and healing. It is besides to Hydro-massage Bath. It is combining the therapeutic power of water with mineral and sea salts.

Hilton Pyramids spa Cairo also offers an experience Serenity, Wellness and Harmony. It is for the body and mind as well. Moreover, it is via a multi-sensorial experience. It features luxurious creams, oils and scrubs with delicate scents. Furthermore, all them to envelop the skin to unveil a beautiful, healthy looking complexion. Hilton Pyramids spa is near to Dreamland Golf course. Dreamland golf course located only few minutes from the Great Pyramids of Giza. It has designed by the famous Golf architect Karl Litten. Dreamland golf course is one of the longest in Egypt.It has a special pharaonic touch to it. The actual Giza pyramids are visible from some holes. The holes themselves have called names like Ramses the First! Challenges include mounding, lakes, trees and sand areas.

More details about Hilton Pyramids spa Cairo:

Hilton Pyramids spa Cairo is near to Dream Park. It is the leading amusement Park in Egypt & the Middle East. The Park established in 1999. It designed by The Famous Canadian Architecture Company. You can enjoy the Spa after a day in the Dream Park. Hilton Pyramids spa is also near to Giza Plateau. Giza Plateau located only a few kilometers south of Cairo. It is several hundred meters from the last houses in the southernmost part of the city proper. Giza Plateau is where a limestone cliff rises from the other side of a sandy desert plateau. You can start your day by a short visit to Giza Plateau. It is before you start your wonderful relaxation at the Spa center. Hilton Pyramids Spa is also near to the Great Sphinx. Great Sphinx statue is the first colossal royal sculpture in Egypt.

It is a national symbol of Egypt, both ancient and modern. Moreover, it has stirred the imagination of poets, scholars, adventurers and tourists for centuries. It also inspired a wealth of speculation about its age, its meaning, and the secrets that it might hold. The Sphinx word means strangler. It was first which given by the Greeks to a fabulous creature. It is which had the head of a woman, the body of a lion and the wings of a bird. In Egypt, there are many sphinxes. They are usually with the head of a king wearing his headdress and the body of a lion. It good idea that after you spend your day visiting Sphinx, to go the that spa center to relax!

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JW Marriott Mandara Spa Cairo

JW Marriott Mandara Spa Egypt

JW Marriott Mandara Spa Cairo Egypt, tours, booking

JW Marriott Mandara Spa became a destination in itself. In fact, the spa continues to add new dimensions of luxury to JW Marriott Cairo hotel. JW Marriott Mandara Spa name comes from an ancient Sanskrit legend. It is about the god’s quest for the elixir of immortality and eternal youth. In this legend, Mandara Giri represents a sacred mountain. Moreover, it is from which flows the water of life. It is a magical elixir with the power to keep you forever young. This ancient legend has embraced by Mandara Spa. Furthermore, it today reflected in unique and exotic spa treatments. It replicates the spirit, soul and cultural traditions of those ancient times.

With a focus on pampering and restoration, JW Marriott Mandara Spa is indeed a peaceful oasis. It rests in the heart of the picturesque resort. Moreover, it covers an impressive 2,500 square meters. The spa located next to the resort’s Full Service Beauty Salon. Furthermore, JW Marriott Mandara Spa features 3 double suites, 2 double rooms and 4 single rooms. It also features 1 Facial Treatment Room and 2 dedicated Thai Massage rooms. All are with changing facilities. Guests may repose and take in sweeping views of the resorts’ stunning swimming pool. It is as a calming pre post treatment interlude.

Further details about JW Marriott Mandara Spa Cairo:

The menu flavored by various cultures and influenced by their traditions. Bali, India, Egypt and Thailand ancient rituals in health and beauty cultivated. They are to suit the luxury spa and cater to the most discerning guests. Moreover, treatments include traditional massages and body treatments. They feature wraps and scrubs, and facials using the exclusive Phytomer brand of products. The Spa focuses on privacy to enhance the feeling of pampered and the sense of well being. Signature Mandara treatments offer head- to-toe restoration. “Mandara Spa Passages” include longer retreats, catering to individual requirements and moods.

In fact, the Mandara legacy is best experience through one of the Signature Rituals. They are such as the world famous Mandara Four-Hand massage. Moreover, the highlight of JW Marriott Mandara Spa is an elaborate. It is also exclusive Moroccan style Hammam. Furthermore, it features a heated marble bed, where opulence is paramount design. It also features artwork and with soaring domes. Moreover, it also features dramatic arches and the calming sound of running water. The spa echoes from tiled walls.

More details about JW Marriott Mandara Spa Cairo:

JW Marriott Mandara Spa consists of lavish combinations of baths. Moreover, it also includes mud, wrap treatments, scrubs and massages. All Mandara’s treatments delivered by the expert, healing hands of the Asian therapists. Furthermore, they dedicated mission is to provide a calming sense of escape and renewal for each guest. Upon experiencing JW Marriott Mandara Spa treatments you will feel radiant. You will also feel revitalized and touched by a little of the legendary magic. That magic has become the ethos of Mandara Spa.

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Intercontinental City Stars Spa Cairo

Intercontinental City Stars Spa Cairo Egypt

Intercontinental City Stars Spa Cairo information, tours, booking

Intercontinental City Stars Spa located in Intercontinental City stars hotel in Cairo. In fact, it is just 15 minutes from Cairo International Airport. Experience the relaxation of a bubbly Spa bath at Intercontinental City stars. Let yourself go in the soothing fragrances of natural oils. It envelope you in an eastern like ambiance. The majestic hotel is a 3000 square meters. M temple devoted to sport, relaxation and health. The hotel facilities include, among others, a fitness room, a sauna, a Jacuzzi and a Hydro pool. Twelve treatment rooms are available for guests. Intercontinental City stars Spa features one of the amazing types of massages on offer. Moreover, it also features a wide range of beauty treatments including LPG.

Intercontinental City stars Spa is near to Cairo City Stars center. In fact, it is the largest mall in Africa and Middle East. The center located just ten minutes from International Cairo Airport. Moreover, Cairo City Stars center features huge shopping mall, Cinema, hotels, restaurants and amusements facilities. Cairo City Stars center features over 643 stores to choose from and two indoor theme parks. It also features twenty one screen state of the art cinema. Intercontinental City stars Spa is also near to Katameya Heights Golf Resort. The golf course set a new trend in Egypt real estate market. It located where once there was nothing but a desert. Moreover, it was pioneering vision to turn the desert sand into lush green rolling hills. Furthermore, it became the first commercial venture to combine golf and real estate in Egypt.

Further details about Intercontinental City Stars Spa Cairo:

The golfers and golf resorts increased since the Golf Resort set the trend in Egypt. It features designed golf course, a marvelous clubhouse and luxurious villas. Its area is 1.5 million square meters. It became the first commercial venture combining golf and real estate in Egypt. Visitors encouraged to play from Sunday to Thursday. Intercontinental City stars Spa is also near to Katameya dunes Sand surfing site. It is one of the most popular sport in Egypt. It practiced by tourists and Egyptians as well. Take a day trip from Cairo to the Dunes Sand Surfing site and have a pleasure with sand surfing. It located 80 kilometer southwest of Cairo. The sand over there is nice and soft. you can reach good speeds. We have equipment for rent. We also will handle the whole day trip.

Intercontinental City stars Spa is also near to Genena Mall Cairo. Genena Mall features about 300 international and local brands. They including department, fashion, lifestyle, sports, electronics and home furnishing stores. It also has kids & Family entertainment area. It offers a 6 screen multiplex cinema and Skating rink. Genena Mall Cairo food court offers amazing variety of food. It also offers special coffee shops and restaurants. The Shopping center has car care and parking.

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