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Activities in Alexandria Fun & Leisure

Alexandria Fishing

Alexandria Fishing Egypt

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Alexandria fishing is one of the most interesting practice and sport for all people and tourists as well. In fact, on the eastern side of the coast, lies the bustling town of Alexandria. Alexandria’s sea front lined with fish restaurants, fishermen and boats bringing in the day’s catch. In fact, Alexandrian fishermen favorite spot is Abu Qir’s Fishing harbor. Abu Qir is a once small fishermen village, located in the north of Alexandria. There you can fish, swim and sunbathe before feasting over some really fresh Sea food.

Grilled fish is the signature experience for all visitors to Egypt’s beautiful northern coast. Alexandria coastline will give you the chance to catch Murgan (Gray Mullet) and Barbuni (Red Mullet). Moreover, it also will let you catch 525 km of azure. These waters and are also teeming with Sea Bass, Red Smelt, Bluefish and Sole. On the eastern side of the coast, lies the bustling town of Alexandria. Alexandria’s sea front lined with fish restaurants. Furthermore, it also does with fishermen and boats bringing in the day’s catch.

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Planetarium Science Center Alexandria

Planetarium Science Center Alexandria

Planetarium Science Center Alexandria information, tours, prices, booking

Planetarium Science Center Alexandria (El Kobba El Samaweya) is a recent 21-st century project. It located within the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Alexandria Library). In fact, Planetarium Science Center dedicated to the development of culture, curiosity and passion for science. Planetarium Science Center divided into 3 sections. In fact, they are the Planetarium, the History of Science Museum, and the “ALEXploratorium”. Planetarium Science Center Alexandria is a dome-like 3D projection room. Moreover, it is where one can feel as if flying through space. Visitors offered a daily fascinating and detailed live-like presentation. The presentation is of the universe’s evolution in time. It all gets even better when the show’s hosted by one of the center’s resident astronomers.

Planetarium Science Center Alexandria (PSC) is indeed an ideal place to enjoy a day of fun learning. It is an independent non-profit educational foundation. Moreover, it dedicates to increasing the public’s awareness and interest. It also dedicates understanding of science and technology through entertainment. Planetarium Science Center Alexandria launched the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) in Egypt in 2006. The Science Festivity was in 2008.

Further details about Planetarium Science Center Alexandria:

In fact, in 2008, the PSC launched the Electronic Resource Center’s website. It produced the new planetarium show Sky of Alexandria. Moreover, it was the first of its kind to produced entirely in Africa and the Middle East. In 2010, in collaboration with the PSC, CULTNAT produced Astronomical Myths. It the first Egyptian full-dome movie for planetarium display. In 2009, the PSC won two silver medals. It was at the International Environmental Project Olympiad (INEPO). It held in Istanbul, Turkey. In the same year, the PSC won many awards at the Intel Science Competition in the Arab World (ISC Arab).

The BA received the Judges Award for Best Robot Design and Best Solution. It was at the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) World Festival held in 2008 and 2009 in the USA. PSC participants won many prizes at the Arab Intel 2010 Competition. The Center fulfills its goals by encouraging curiosity, imagination, and creativity. It is through a large number of diverse activities. They presented by three sections. Each of which approaches science in a different manner. It is unconventional to the Egyptian community:

The Planetarium:

It is a member of the International Planetarium Society (IPS). It is a cutting edge facility featuring state-of-the-art projection technology. The Planetarium aims to help establish a scientific culture in Egypt. It is by offering the public a kaleidoscope of fascinating scientific. It shows that cover a diverse variety of scientific fields and are suitable for a wide range of groups.

Re-opened in August 2009, the Planetarium offers. It is besides to the classic IMAX projection system. It is full-dome digital shows that use the latest Digistar 3 system. This system details the universe impeccably. It brings it so close to the public they feel as if they are flying through space and time. The Planetarium also offers live shows presented by resident astronomers.

The History of Science Museum:

A permanent exhibition that highlights the historical aspect of science in Egyp. It is during three major periods: ancient Egypt, Hellenistic Alexandria, and the Arab-Muslim World. The Museum pays homage to scientists who have enriched scientific knowledge. The Museum aims to revive the scientific discoveries and achievements of the ancient scholars. It is besides to their translators. It is without whom such writings would not have transcended space and time.

In fact, the History of Science Museum is not a traditional museum. Moreover, it offers a variety of activities. Furthermore, it targets school children in particular and the public in general. It also offers traditional tours.

The ALEXploratorium:

In fact, it is a fascinating and innovative establishment. Moreover, it is a hands-on science facility that is unconventional both in concept and operation. Furthermore, it targets children and youth, who are the future and hope of Egypt. It aims to intrigue them through interactive exhibitions, workshops, and other programs and activities. These activities held under the guidance and supervision of dedicated staff members. It is whose objective is to relay scientific principles in a simple, fun manner.

In fact, ALEXploratorium activities not limited to the young. They attract visitors of all ages and backgrounds to science. It is by making it more accessible, more understandable and far more interesting. They show visitors how they can experience science. It is in almost everything they see, hear, or touch in their everyday lives.

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Alexandria Opera House - Alexandria Egypt

Alexandria Opera House Egypt

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Alexandria Opera House constructed in 1918 during the reign of Sultan Fuad I. It named Muhammad Ali Theater. The original owner of Alexandria Opera House called Badr El Din Kerdany. He appointed a French architect who’s name is Georges Baroque to do the design of it. In 1921, Alexandria Opera House was host to celebrated Arab and foreign singers. In 1962 Alexandria Opera House renamed “Sayed Darwish Theater” to honor Mr. Sayed Darwish. Sayed Darwish a famous Egyptian musician. Moreover, Sayed Darwish is the one who composed the Egyptian national anthem. Unfortunately, the ravages of time destroyed the exquisite beauty of Alexandria Opera House building.

The earlier attempts of restoration the building, did in fact more harm than good. In 2000, the neglected building put on Egypt’s Heritage List. In the same year the extensive renovation work began. Alexandria Opera House restored to its former splendor. It was after several years of skillful work on the structure of the building. It features fragile decorative elements. President Hosni Mubarak and his wife attended the re opening of Alexandria Opera House. It was in 2004. Today, Alexandria Opera House accommodates artistic performances by the Cairo Opera House companies. They are Opera and ballet companies. They also include the symphony or opera orchestras.

Further details about Alexandria Opera House:

There are visiting companies, local and foreign recitals and cultural Weeks. There also Arab and international festivals. Alexandria Opera House establishes to ballet, classical and Arab music talents. A department named Talents Development Center also established at the Opera. In this center, educators and academic professors teach. They also set up performances with young Egyptian who have talents. The venue hosts today world class events. It include all time favorite operas and ballets performed by local and international companies. The gorgeous auditorium also hosts concerts and recitals. It also hosts Arab and international festivals and cultural gatherings.

The opera house is in its own bubble with a quite, clean, classy look . You will be hard pressed to find elsewhere in Alex. Prices are also reasonable and there is even a bar around the corner. It is near to Cavafy Museum. Cavafy Museum Alexandria belongs to Mr. Constantine Cavafy. He was born in 1863, in Alexandria, Egypt and where he lived most of his life. The apartment where he spent his last 35 years was in Lepsius Street. It renamed “Sharm El Sheikh”. In fact, it was after the site at the entrance of the Bay of Aquaba, made over into a museum. It done to honor the life and works of the great Alexandrian poet. So you can visit this museum on the morning while you plan to attend opera by evening.

More details about Alexandria Opera House:

Alexandria Opera House also near to Anfushi tombs. The tombs are limestone tombs. They date back to 250 BC and painted to simulate alabaster and marble. Moreover, they decorated with pictures of Egyptian gods and daily life. They are along with graffiti. They located on a spit of land that was once an island known as Pharos Island.

Alexandria Opera House also near to Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue. The synagogue located in Nabi Daniel street. it Built in 1354. It bombed by the French during their invasion of Egypt in 1798. It re-built in 1850 with contributions from the Mohammad Ali Dynasty. Although services still held in the synagogue, it now caters to a small community of Jewish. This is due to the dwindling number of Jews in Alexandria. It is one of the largest synagogues in the Middle East. This magnificent Italian-built structure served Alexandria’s once thriving and cosmopolitan Jewish community.

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Delices Pastry Shop Alexandria La Veranda Restaurant

Delices Pastry Shop Alexandria Egypt

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Delices Pastry Shop Alexandria established in 1922. Since then, Delices Pastry Shop Alexandria delivers clients the finest selection of pastries. It also delivers baked goods and confectioneries from around the world. The family at Delices Pastry Shop Alexandria believes in making delicious desserts. They create the most sensational dessert experience in Alexandria and all Egypt!

In fact, It built in 1922 by the Greek Cleovolous Moustakas, Delices’. Moreover, it is flagship store in Ramleh Station in Alexandria, Egypt. Moreover, it became a well known landmark for all tourists and local residents. Who want to experience the beauty of the Mediterranean Pearl !. Come celebrate life at Delices Cafe. While you are there, enjoy our exclusive pastries at Delices Patisserie.

Nowadays, Delices Pastry shop houses the fine dining “La Veranda Restaurant”. At “La Veranda Restaurant” you can sample exquisite French and Greek dishes in a classy atmosphere. This will transport you back to the days when the Pearl of the Mediterranean lived its glorious era.

Address: 46 Saad Zaghloul St, El Raml Station, Alexandria. Tel: +20 3 486 1432.

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Sofianopoulo Coffee Store Alexandria Egypt

Sofianopoulo Coffee Store Alexandria

Sofianopoulo Coffee Store Alexandria information, tours, booking

Sofianopoulo Coffee Store Alexandria founded in 1908 by M Sofianopoulo. It was long before the Greek exodus in the mid 1930’s. Moreover, it stands to the present time at the western end of Saad Zaghloul Street in Alexandria. The store specialized in selling a mixture of Ethiopian, Yemenite coffee. It also sells Brazilian and Colombian coffee. Mr. El Tantawi took it over in 1932. Mr. Sofianopoulo stayed on for another five years before emigrating to Greece in 1937. Until the fifties the clients were mainly people over forty years old.

The youngsters did not use drink coffee, especially dark coffee. But, Sofianopoulo has expanded. It is willing to change with the times. In fact, it now offers light coffee with a variety of flavors such as hazelnut, chocolate, and vanilla. The Coffee Store Alexandria sells new types of coffee. The new types are Indonesian and Indian. They are cheaper and thus more affordable to the majority of the clients. In 1992, a small coffee shop added to the store, where clients can have a cup of coffee. In the morning you will find many people who have their breakfast there.  But in the evenings the young people from the area pop in for a cup of coffee.

Further details about Sofianopoulo Coffee Store Alexandria:

Tourists, too, often enjoy a coffee there. The superior quality of coffee made Sofianopoulo Coffee Store Alexandria the supplier of coffee to many clients in Cairo. until the 1980s. Today, the store owned by Egyptians and houses the same old-style coffee grinding machines. This stood there since hundred year ago. The colossal sacks of odorant coffee beans coming from all around the world.

The shop is pretty wide and could easily accommodate a few tables and chairs. However, there is no place to sit in Sofianopoulo. Regulars and occasional visitors drink their freshly brewed espressos at the standing-only bar.  They also hunched at one of the shop’s counters. Sofianopoulo Coffee Store Alexandria Address: Saad Zaghloul Street, Midan El Raml, Alexandria.

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Montaza Palace Montaza Complex Montaza Gardens Haramlek Palace - Alexandria

Montaza Complex Alexandria Egypt

Montaza Palace Montaza Complex Montaza Gardens Alexandria Egypt

Montaza Palace Alexandria and Montaza Gardens located in Montaza complex. Montaza complex located at the Eastern edge of the city of Alexandria on the north coast of Egypt. The complex size ranges around 360 acre. It overseas a gulf which called Al Montaza Gulf. Montaza complex contains five beaches for swimming. They are Aida Beach, Cleopatra Beach, Vanessa Beach, Semiramis Beach and the private beach of Helnan Palestine Hotel. All sorts of sea activity done in Montaza. One can ride a sea boat and take a ride around the Montaza complex. You also can go water skiing as well, Diving, Snorkeling, or even just chill out in front of the sea.

Montaza Palace is a palace and extensive gardens in the Montaza district of Alexandria, Egypt. Moreover, Montaza Palace built on a low plateau east of central Alexandria overlooking a beach on the Mediterranean Sea. The extensive Montaza Palace grounds first had the Salamlek Palace. Salamlek Palace built in 1892 by Khedive Abbas II, the last Muhammad Ali Dynasty. Further more, Montaza Palace used as a hunting lodge and house for his companion.

The history of Montaza Complex Alexandria:

In the year 1892, Abbas Helmy II, the last Khedive of Egypt and Sudan, used to like riding horses and donkeys on the shores. He was doing that in the neighborhoods of Alexandria with some of his friends like Ahmed Shafiq Pasha. They used to start their rides from Sidi Bishr, a neighborhood in the west of the city of Alexandria. And then they move to different places of the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. In one summer night, Helmy ordered his men to prepare 80 donkeys for his ride in Alexandria. This is besides the Khedive Music band that consisted of 48 music players and their instruments. When they reached Sidi Bishr, a group of Bedouins heard the music. In fact, they knew that the Khedive is among the ride. They came and greeted him followed him around.

The Khedive Helmy II loved an area near Sidi Bishr because of the scenes of the sea there. He likeed it because of the quite and fascinating atmosphere of this location. Moreover, he even went again to view this area more clearly.  He went to a specific spot which located between two eminences and has a small island to its North.  At that moment Helmy decided to have this spot as his summer house. H decided to build a palace and some gardens there. On the top of one of these eminences, there were old canons. They go back to the reign of Mohamed Ali. Mohammad Ali put them there to protect the North Coast of Egypt and the city of Alexandria. These canons are still at the same spot till today. Helmy built the Salamlek Palace in front of it.

Further details about Montaza complex Alexandria:

The other eminence’s top contained a center for coast guards. The Khedive bought it form the government and built the Haramlek Palace there. Helmy II also bought the house of Sinadino. He was a rich Alexandrian tradesman. He added the land to his complex and he bought a lot of lands from people living in the area. It was to expand the space of his summer resort. The Khedive followed the construction of the two palaces himself. He named the whole complex, Montaza complex or Montaza Palace or Montaza gardens. That suggested to him by Mahmoud Shokry Pasha, the head of the Turkish Divan in Egypt.

After the death of Abbas Helmy II, the Royal Family continued taking care of the Montaza Palace. In fact, it was until the reign of King Farouk I, the last king of Egypt. Egyptian revolution of 1952 took Montaza Palace. And then opened the gardens for public. Salamlek Palace transformed into a museum. And then, added to the presidential palaces. Presidential palaces serve as a hosting place for the president’s visitors.

Further details about Montaza Gardens Alexandria:

Montaza Gardens which are 3000 meters wide contains a huge selection of trees and plants. Some of them are quite rare. Some of the tropical plants are still in good shape although they planted more than 75 years ago. The plant collection in Montaza Gardens includes Catania, huge boots, Zamia, Carlota and special types of palms. This is besides the big size plants like Anthurium, Hokiry, Araliaceae, Victoria, and Ropilia.

Helnan Palestine Hotel:

Helnan Palestine Hotel is the only hotel which built inside one of the royal palaces. The hotel ownership transformed to the government after the Egyptian revolution in 1952. It stands just in front of the modern light house of Montaza. In fact, the hotel built due to the orders of the former Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser. It was to host the first Arab Summit. Moreover, it attended by all the Arab president and kings of the time. The hotel became the house of most of the kings, queens, presidents and important figures who visit Egypt. Moreover, the hotel even hosted the visitors of Egypt at the event of the grand opening of the new Library of Alexandria. The list included the French president Jacques Chirac and Sofia the Queen of Spain. It also included the Queen Rania the wife of the king of Jordon.

In fact, the hotel is the most favorite summer spot for some of Egypt’s artists and authors as well. Moreover, the hotel contains 233 rooms and all them have sea or garden views. It also has 20 suites, two royal suites, and a villa. The villa takes the whole space of the sixth floor of the hotel. In fact, it is suitable for large families and groups. The villa contains 6 rooms, special private kitchen, and a big reception hall. Helnan Palestine Hotel is famous for its various restaurants. Estacoza Restaurant, located on the sea, offers delicious fresh seafood dishes.

El Salamlek Palace & Hotel:

El Salamlek Palace hotel provides its visitors with the luxurious style of the life of kings and queens. The hotel was built by Abbas Helmy II as the hunting lounge for him and his Austrian girlfriend. She became his wife afterwards and changed her name to be Gawidan Hanem. The name Haramlek in the Turkish language means: the place where men meet women. Haramlek is the opposite of Salamlek, the place where women stay. In the reign of King Farouk, the palace used as his special office and meeting hall. El Salamlek Palace designed by Dmitri Fabersious, one of the most famous architects at the time.

It designed using a lot of rich decorations. It contains an artificial forest. The garden of the Palace has Italian canons that King Ahmed Fouad brought from Europe. He did that to defend the Palace against any attack that might come from the sea. The palace used a military hospital in the World War I. It was where British soldiers transferred to receive treatment. After the revolution in 1952, the Haramlek Palace transformed into a hotel and managed by Sphinx Tourism Company. The San Giovanni Company came afterwards and made a lot of restorations and renovations to the hotel.

Further details about El Salamlek hotel Alexandria:

When you first enter the main hall of the hotel you find yourself in the Khedive Salon with its luxurious furniture.  It contains a collection of photographs of the Khedive with different important figures. You will definitely spend some time at the reception to be able to choose the best suite. The hotel has 14 special suites. “Mawlana Al Moheeb” Suite that contains 5 wide rooms and a special royal garden view. “Sahebat Al Essma” suite features huge three rooms and wide balcony. “Dawlat Al Ra’ees” suite features two rooms and a wide balcony. “Afandina” suite features three rooms and a big balcony. The most fascinating suite in the hotel is the Crystal suite, or the queen royal suite. It named that way because all its items made out of blue glass and crystal.

Haramlek Palace:

Haramlek Palace built by King Ahmed Foaud in 1925. He ordered his Italian architect to construct. In fact, it was it to be the summer house of the Royal Family of Egypt at the time. Haramlek Palace has a distinctive design. The design combines different types of styles including Byzantine style dominant. This is besides the Gothic, Classic, and off course Islamic styles of architecture. The word Haramlek is a Turkish architecture term that used to describe the place where women stay. It forbidden for anyone to enter this special ladies area. The Haramlek Palace contains a lot of French antiquities. It decorated in the Baroque and Rococo styles that consist of amazing ornaments of plants and geometric designs.

Moreover, Haramlek Palace consists of a huge open air hall. It is in the middle of it with all the rooms and suites surrounding it. The palace has three floors. In fact, the first floor consists of many rooms and halls. The most important among them is the office of the king, the billiards hall, and the dinning lounge. The second floor used to host the chaperones and servants of the kings and queens. The third and last floor hosted the suites of the king and the queen with a huge balcony  between. This floor also has the baby prince suite. It designed out of cork to prevent the sleeping baby from disturbing because of the sound of footsteps.

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Trianon Cafe Alexandria

Trianon Cafe Alexandria

Trianon Cafe Alexandria information, tours, prices, booking

Trianon Cafe Alexandria originally founded in Europe circa 1555. In fact, Trianon Cafe Alexandria is an iconic tea room in Alexandria. Moreover, it allegedly opened in 1905 and harks back to the city’s golden days as a Cosmopolitan society. Trianon Cafe located on the seafront side of Le Metropole Hotel on the Alexandrian Corniche. It takes up nearly half of the hotel’s ground-floor block. The café and restaurant will take you back to the glory days of what this tea room looked like. In fact, it will happen once you enter through the dark wooden doors. Trianon once entertained royalty, foreign dignitaries and iconic figures. They are such as Om Kolthoum and Greek poet Cavafy.

The tea room’s open space and the Art Deco murals create a rustic and old school feel. In fact, the dark wood accents against light-green carpeting will do the same. To top it off, waiters and waitresses decked out head to toe in the traditional diner uniform; all black and white and pristine ironed. You will love the open coffee bar, though; the espresso came daintily served and did the job for around 9 LE. One of the Trianon Cafe Alexandria’s signature dishes is the delicious breakfast platter. It unfortunately not served after 11 AM. So get there early if you want to try breakfast in a classic Alexandrian atmosphere. For 30 LE, the club sandwich was seriously the size of the entire plate.

Further details about Trianon Cafe Alexandria:

Served with a side of mediocre fries, the sandwich consisted of three layers of toast side by side. It melded together by endless amounts of cheese– note: six pieces of bread in total. Turkey, lettuce and tomato filled the layers. The entire top covered in more melted cheddar cheese, three sliced eggs and topped with black olive. The Alfredo pasta was smaller in but just as rich in flavor. For 25 LE, a bowl of pasta came filled with cream and chicken, and seasoned with a light Italian mixture. Also on the menu were other sandwich and pasta options, as well as various salads and soups. All ranging between 15 LE to 50 LE.

Trianon Cafe is the kind of café in Alexandria that attracts tourists and Cavafy fans. It also does the locals seeking a nostalgic return to the Alexandria. It now only captured in black-and-white photographs and classic Egyptian films. Head to Trianon, step back in time; and enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea while you’re at it.

Address: 52 Saad Zaghloul Street, Midan El Raml, Alexandria.

Tel: +20 3 486 0973
Opens at: 7 am

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Athineos Alexandria Egypt

Athineos Alexandria Egypt

Information about Athineos Alexandria Egypt, tours, Booking

Athineos Alexandria founded in 1900 in Alexandria city in Egypt. In fact, it indeed is one of Alexandria’s oldest coffee shops and restaurants. Athineos Alexandria located opposite Midan El Ramlin Alexandria. The building still exudes its ancient charm. Furthermore, it became over the past few years a favorite haunt of tourist groups. These who touring the Pearl of the Mediterranean. In fact, lunches in Athineos Alexandria organized in a buffet setting. They offered within the restaurant’s huge dining room. If you plan to explore Alexandria at your own, try getting to Athineos. You have to go to it in the early morning. This is if you are looking for a coffee and breakfast. You will have the company of the original unmovable Alexandrian customers.

That is when you’ll be able to enjoy all the quietness you need to gaze freely. You will do it at the ornamental details of the place. In fact, Athineos features high decorated ceilings and walls. It also features Art-Deco furniture, beautiful imposing columns and the Greek inspired sculptures.

Address: 21 Midan Saad Zaghloul, Alexandria
Tel: +20 3 486 8131

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Anfushi Fish Market Alexandria

Anfushi Fish Market Alexandria Egypt

Information about Anfushi Fish Market Alexandria, tours, Booking

Anfushi Fish market Alexandria is in Alexandria city, Egypt. It is in El Gomrok district. In fact, the Fish market in Alexandria attracts a lot of customers. They buy their needs from fish and marine organisms. The time of bids in the early morning after dawn is the best because the override votes and auctions start.  The auctions are to buy fresh fish which which caught at night.

It is worth to mention that the fish in Anfushi Fish market Alexandria not sold in kilograms. In fact, they sold in “Bel Sharwa”. Moreover, it is something like auction. It means that the seller put a lot of kilograms on a table and you buy the whole table. Most of sellers are fishermen. They spend the whole night fishing in the sea and come to the fish market to sell what they got.

Wake up early and take a stroll down to the Fish market in Alexandria. Over there, you will discover that the sea is  generous with the Alexandrian fishermen. Furthermore, heading there in the early morning guarantees you will be in front row seats. In fact, the daily spectacle of fishermen throw their flapping catches off the boat. Moreover, locals trying to haggle for the best price while pondering the quality of the fishes.

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Alexandria Library Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Alexandria Library Alexandria Egypt

Information about Alexandria Library, tours, Booking

Alexandria Library also called Bibliotheca Alexandrina. In fact, it is much more than a library. The Library located in Alexandria city, Egypt. Alexandria Library features BA Library. In fact, the BA library is a learning space that offers information in all its formats. It is through its collections of books, periodicals, maps and manuscripts. Moreover, it is also through the multimedia and electronic resources. Alexandria Library composed of the Main Library. The main library indeed is the largest reading room of the world. It also composed of many specialized libraries. They are Children’s Library, the Young People’s Library and the Taha Hussein Library. The last one is for the Blind and Visually Impaired serve the specific needs of their users.

The special collections of the library include the Arts & Multimedia Library. They also include the Manuscript Reading Room. Moreover, the collection include the Microfilm Reading Room. They also include the Rare Books & Special Collections Reading Room. Furthermore, they also include the Nobel Section and Shadi Abdel Salam Collection.

Taha Hussein Library in Alexandria Library:

The Taha Hussein Library (TH) offers a new approach in library services. The services are for the blind and visually impaired. Equipped with special software, the Library applies the latest technology. In fact, the technology makes it possible for its users to read books and journals. It also lets them access all the resources of the library as well as selected web resources. In this way they enabled to gain more independence. One of the main goals of the TH library is to offer equal access to all users. It is regardless to their disability. The TH located at the Entrance Level to facilitate physical access for its visitors.

Children’s Library in Alexandria Library:

The Children’s Library (CH) provides educational, recreational and cultural resources for children. They children who aged 6 to 11. In fact, it contains a large collection of picture books, story books. It also contains nonfictional books and multimedia materials. The material is available in several languages. It also covers a wide range of subjects from arts to zoology. In addition to the reading area, the CH encompasses a computer lab. It also features an activities room, a storytelling and puppet-show corner. Moreover, it also features a multimedia corner.

A special section dedicated to children with different types of disabilities. In fact, several activities offered by the CH staff on a daily basis. They are such as storytelling, puppet show performances and arts and crafts groups. Children’s authors often invited to read to the children. The main goal of the CH is to develop the children’s reading and research. It also develops creativity skills through the different programs and activities.

Young People’s Library in Alexandria Library:

The Young People’s Library (YP) opens up a vast world of knowledge and entertainment. It also provides the culture for young people aged 12 to 16. The YP introduces its visitors to modern information technology. It also develops their reading and research skills and encourages social interaction. The collection of books in the YP area covers the same topics as in the Main Library. But it tailored to suit young people’s requirements. The YP Library offers access to different periodicals, multimedia and e-resources. It is besides to huge databases covering a variety of subjects.

Arts and Multimedia Library in Alexandria Library:

The Arts and Multimedia Library holds a rich print. In fact, it also holds an audiovisual collection of the Arts. The print collection includes books, musical scores and periodicals. The collection also includes the audio-visual collection. The last one covers a broad spectrum of motion pictures and documentary films. It also covers educational programs and self-teaching methods in languages and computers. The Audiovisual materials used in individual or group study rooms within the Library.

Library Map Library in Alexandria Library:

The Map Library houses a collection of more than 7000 maps. In fact, the maps cover all parts of the world with special focus on Alexandria, Egypt. It also focuses on the Arab world and the Mediterranean region. The collection contains maps of various types. In fact, it includes topographic, thematic, geologic maps and world maps. It also includes street maps, estate maps, contour maps and transportation. Moreover, it also includes communication maps, facsimile maps, atlases and nautical charts. Furthermore, it also includes aeronautical charts, satellite and aerial images, and globes. The Map Library located in B4 at the Main Library.

The Rare Books and Special Collections in Alexandria Library:

Rare collections cover all remarkable, unique items within the BA’s holdings. In fact, the collections include original manuscripts, early printed books and maps. They also include antique coins, celebrities’ personal effects and exceptional donations. The section houses many of units and specialized work groups. It also includes two reading rooms dedicated to researchers and postgraduate students. The first (B1) houses thousands of original manuscripts. It also house printed references on heritage. The second room (B2) allocated for rare books and special collections.

Micro-forms in Alexandria Library:

In fact, Micro-form is a felicitous medium for the preservation of rare manuscripts. It also for the printed materials and documents against potential loss or damage. In fact, the damage which based on the excessive circulation and age. The BA obtained microfilms of rare manuscripts and documents. The Micro-form Section also comprises comprehensive and exclusive collections. In fact, the collections are of national and Arabic newspapers. They serve as a historical register of important events, as well as rare documents. All micro-form collections are now available for consultation in the Micro-form Reading Room.

Nobel Section in Alexandria Library:

Located on the third floor (F3) of the Library. In fact, the Nobel Section comprises book collections of Nobel Prize Laureates in Literature. It is from 1901 to present. The Nobel Section comprises the Nobel Room and the Gad Rausing Auditorium. It also features the Söderberg Lounge. The furniture of the Nobel Section designed by famous Swedish designers. The Nobel Room accommodates a large meeting table. In fact, the table made of alder root and cherry wood. It is the table in the Assembly Hall of the Nobel Forum in Stockholm.

Francophone Library in Alexandria Library:

Located at the First Basement (B1). The library based on the exceptional gift from the French National Library (BnF) to the BA. The gift is a collection of 500,000 French books. In fact, the books published between 1996 and 2006 in different fields. As a result, the BA became the fourth largest francophone library in the world. It also features the biggest collection of French books outside France.

At the center of the BACC, the Hexagon is the hub of the Francophone Library. In fact, it is the meeting point of all francophone. It is a café, a cultural forum and a platform for holding ceremonies. Moreover, it features round table discussions and workshops. In fact, the Francophone Library offers different services to the public in various fields. It provides help to researchers and users about French literature. Moreover, it offers conversation workshops in French. In fact, it attempts to document the francophone world. It also introduces the geography, history, civilization, and tourist attractions of France to users.

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