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El Mestikawy Cave is a famous site because of its prehistoric rock art. In fact, it also called Cave of Beasts or Beasts Cave. El Mestikawy Cave located near Gilf El Kebir in Western Desert, Egypt. The cave features similar art to the Swimmers Cave and Shaw’s Cave. In fact, the last two cave also located in Gilf El Kebir. El Mestikawy Cave discovered in 1922. Moreover, it is larger than Swimmers Cave and Shaw’s Cave. Furthermore, El Mestikawy Cave has a lot more rock artwork and engravings.

In fact, the cave has variations in color as well as subjects. Moreover, it also has some arts which painted over. the arts show a sustained and prolonged habitation of the area. El Mistkawy Cave indeed is remarkable site. The cave features hand print drawings which done over a half buried. Furthermore, the wall also has paintings of human figures and animals. Moreover, the wall also features representations of hunting activities. There’s also an impressive drawing of a headless bull which drawn in several parts of the cave. Please do not touch the paintings or use flash when you take pictures. It is because the ancient paint will peel off.

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