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El Gouna parasailing Egypt is available at almost any resort in this Egyptian Red Sea coastal city. In fact, El Gouna Parasailing is an experience you don’t want to miss. Don’t miss it while you are on a Red Sea holiday in the self-contained and looking resort-town of El Gouna. After  the taking off, the boat will drag you over amazing coral reefs. The waters are so clear in that area of the Red Sea. Moreover, you’ll even be able to see the fishes and the underwater scenery from up above. To book a Parasailing round, contact one of the many Water Sports Companies. In fact, they based in El Gouna through your hotel. Moreover, you can also watch out for ads and brochures while walking in downtown. Furthermore, you can contact us to arrange this tour for you.

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In fact, El Gouna located on the Egyptian Red Sea coast. Moreover, the city is about 434 kilometer south east of Cairo, Egypt. You can go there by domestic flight from Cairo. Egypt Air operates daily flight to that wonderful city. Moreover, there buses leave daily from Cairo and take about 5 hours to reach El Gouna. Go to practice El Gouna Parasailing Egypt and enjoy the other water activities over there. And then, you can go to Luxor to visit the temples, tombs and other historical sites. Instead, you can start from Luxor and then to go to El Gouna. In fact, Luxor is about 3 hours driving from El Gouna or Hurghada. In case you can’t make up your mind, please contact us and leave this mission to us to handle. The tour indeed is a unique experience which deserves to try.

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