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Italian War Memorial El Alamein is like the Commonwealth Cemetery. One must pass through the arched entrance to enter the grounds of the memorial. Instead of a sea of gravestones, you find yourself at the beginning of a long path. In fact, the path leads uphill to a tower . Th tower is with marble walls almost as white as the surrounding sand. In fact, the Italian War Memorial El Alamein begins with an entry cloister. It contains a chapel, mosque, hall of remembrances and small museum. In the chapel inscribed, “To 4,800 Italian soldiers, sailors and airmen”. It also inscribed “The desert and the sea did not give back 38,000 who are missing”.

The main memorial overlooks the sea at the top of a oleander-lined causeway. Furthermore, in the interior thousands of white marble plaques. They bear the names of the Italian dead line the walls. To the left is the Libyan war memorial. In fact, Libya conquered by Italy at the time of El Alamein Battle, so both forces fought side by side. The fallen Libyans rest separate from their Italian comrades. In fact, it is because of differences in religious burial methods.

Further details about the Italian War memorial El Alamein:

This section has colorful landscaping surrounding a mosque. It is where Muslim visitors can pray for the souls of the fallen soldiers. Moreover, it is besides to an edited memorial plaque. The inscription on the stone translated from the Italian. It read Libyans who died for Italy. But a Libyan minister came and didn’t like what he saw. So he covered it with a plaque which reads Honoring the memory of the Libyans. The Italian War Memorial is a sacrario which designed as both a cemetery and a chapel. Walls lined with 30 x 55 centimeter marble tiles, each dedicated to one soldier. Behind these tiles, caskets hold the remains of the fallen soldiers. Some remain anonymous and identified only as unknown. The top rows remain empty for soldiers who are still missing in action.

In fact, the interior of Italian War Memorial El Alamein illuminated by natural lighting. A star-shaped skylight of small openings guides the desert sunbeams through the high ceiling. The back wall of the building is a panoramic glass window facing the Mediterranean Sea. If the memorials front door is open, you can look straight through the building. It is to glimpse the blue sea. In front of the window is a marble casket. It is with a wooden cross on the wall above it. In fact, it creates serene chapel where visitors may pray for the souls of the fallen soldiers.

Italian War memorial El Alamein address:

11 km west of El Alamein (4 km west of the German War Memorial)

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