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El Alamein Battlefield Egypt located next to the small northern Egyptian town of El-Alamein. It is around 130 km west of the city of Alexandria along the coast. You can get a taxi to El-Alamein from Alexandria. In fact, El Alamein Battlefield in Egypt was the site of the major victory. The major victory which took place by the Allied forces. It was during the Second World War. The site known as the Second Battle of El-Alamein. In fact, Allied and Axis forces engaged in an ongoing conflict in the North African region. It was over three years with Germany’s commander Rommel. In fact, Rommel intended to capture Alexandria and the Suez Canal.

The First Battle of El Alamein saw the Allies stall the progress of Italian and German armies. The Second Battle of El Alamein changed the fortunes of the Allies. It forced the Axis out of Egypt and safeguarding the vital route of the Suez Canal. Bernard Montgomery was the new who appointed leader of the Eighth Army. Before the battle, Montgomery spent months to build up the British forces. In fact, it was with reinforcements and munitions. Finally, the British attacked on the night of 23 October 1942. By 5 November the Italian and German armies withdrew.

Further details about El Alamein Battlefield Egypt:

The victory at El Alamein Battlefield Egypt was a vital turning point for the Allies. “It may almost said, Before Alamein we never had a victory. After Alamein we never had a defeat.”. Winston Churchill said. Today, the site surrounded by many memorials, cemeteries and sites. In fact, the sites which belong the different Allied and Axis forces who fought there. Several 1942 battlements and bunkers seen from the roadside. It is together with several plaques, including one on the Alexandria-Marsa Matruh Route. The route shows the furthermost position which reached by German and Italian forces.

Please note to stay on the roads as there are mines and other dangerous materials. They located on the battlefield itself. El Alamein War Museum tells about this battle. In fact, it located at the site. There is also a museum about the battle.

The site Address:

The battlefield Km 105, Alex-Matrouh Desert Rd., El Alamein.

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