• Four Seasons Sharm Spa
  • Four Seasons Sharm Spa
  • Four Seasons Sharm Spa
  • Four Seasons Sharm Spa
  • Four Seasons Sharm Spa

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Four Seasons Sharm Spa indeed is on of the most famous spa center in Egypt. Get ready to cleanse, invigorate and refresh the body and spirit at this Spa. In fact, it features all-natural treatments and a full-body experience.

More information about Four Seasons Sharm Spa:

In fact, the center includes many kind of spa and wellness. Hereunder are them.


This luxuriously strong yet peaceful massage once reserved for Egyptian royalty. Aromatic poultices filled with fresh chamomile and mint dipped into warm sweet almond oil and then applied. The treatment soothes tired muscles, nourishes the skin and induces relaxation.


In fact, Four Seasons Sharm Spa also include the Thai message. In this oil-free massage, the therapist listens to the body, sensing its needs and energy patterns. And then works with pressure point techniques and a series of stretches. Invigorating, relaxing and healing, the treatment promotes blood flow and releases toxins from tired muscles. The treatment offers a choice of essential oils and uses gentle, sedative massage strokes for a pleasant sensory indulgence.


Considered the foundation of massage treatments, Swedish massage designed to alleviate pain. In fact, it improves health. Furthermore, it enhances the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, creating a sense of rejuvenation.

Sport & Fitness:

In fact, Four Seasons Sharm Spa also includes Sport and fitness. This strong massage focuses on problem areas of the body. Deep tissue and cross-fibre friction techniques leave the muscles feeling more relaxed and at ease. This indeed is a perfect treatment for the sports enthusiast.

Head, Neck & Back:

After any kind of stress, such as a long flight, tension can build up in the head, neck and shoulders. This treatment focuses on problem areas using Swedish massage and pressure point techniques, promoting release and a sense of well-being.

Original Head Massage:

Four Seasons Sharm Spa also includes Original Head Massage. This traditional massage helps increase joint mobility and flexibility in the neck and shoulders. Moreover, it improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow and releases knots of muscular tension. In fact, it is particularly good for reducing the effects of stress.


Reflex points on the feet and hands correspond to every part of the body. Applying pressure to these points stimulates them, enhancing circulation and promoting specific bodily and muscular functions.


Four Season Sharm Spa also features Balinese. In fact, this massage works deeply to soothe damaged tissue and relieve strained muscles and joint pain. The boost to your circulation will help reduce stress and rebalance your body.

Egyptian Classic Massage:

This ancient Egyptian massage is a therapeutic treatment in which tension is treated with kneading, stroking and vibrating movement using oil made from aromatic plants.

Ancient Healing Stone:

This aged healing massage provides the body ultra-deep relaxation and a renewed sense of vitality. The experience begins with a sensory blend of essential oils, and the strategic application of smooth, heated stones provides an extraordinarily relaxing and stimulating massage treatment.

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