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  • Far Garden Sharm
  • Far Garden Sharm
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  • Far Garden Sharm
  • Far Garden Sharm

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Far Garden Sharm located in fact north of Naama Bay in this costal city. In fact, it is a coral wall which drops off the shore and slopes down to a depth of 160 feet. Moreover, there are caves that can be found in the shallow areas of 20 to 40 feet. In the caves there are schools of glass sweeper fish and flashlight. The fish can sometimes found on night dives. In the deeper waters, large overhangs covered with soft corals, large fan corals and a few black coral trees found there. Coral growth throughout the site is concentrated in small patches. It is with strong growth of dozens of species, from staghorn and antler coral to delicate Dendronephthya.

Similar to the Near Garden, it is popular for night dives with day boat operators. Moreover, you normally leave at dusk and by the time you get there, it is dark. In fact, the reef comes alive at night and it is the same place during the daylight hours. If you turn off your diving light and have the patience, you might be lucky to see the flashlight fish.

More information about Far Garden Sharm:

Fish life is good, with lots of wrasse. Napoleons in particular, but also big parrots and groupers inhabit the reef. Hawkfish, scorpion-fish, fairy basslets, damsels, and many types of triggerfish share the reef. Moreover, goatfish, lizardfish and crocodile-fish also found on the many sandy areas. The typical depth range is from 10 to 165 feet and accessed as a shore dive. Furthermore, it also accessed by a boat dive or a local guide who can take you there. In fact, the expertise required for this area is for a novice to advanced snorkeler.

The diving site facts:

  • Location: On the coast between Sharks Bay and Naama Bay.
  • Access: Local or live-aboard boat from Sharm El Sheikh, Naama Bay or other ports.
  • Average Depth: 18m (60ft).
  • Maximum Depth: 30m+ (100ft+).
  • Average Visibility: 20m (65ft).

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