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Egypt Nile cruise tours package indeed are the most popular tours for all tourists. In fact, Egypt Nile cruise is a floating hotel. It sails from Luxor to Aswan in 4 nights or from Aswan to Luxor in 3 nights. Some Nile cruises do 4 nights from Aswan and three nights from Luxor. Furthermore, Egypt Nile cruises tours packages are either 3 or 4 or 7 nights. If you are on a Nile cruise, you will have the chance to pass by temples and sand dunes. Furthermore, while you are on a board of a Nile cruise, you will watch the sun set. You will also watch the sun rise as well.

In fact, to enjoy your romantic adventure, make sure you book on of Egypt Nile cruise tours. You can get 3 nights Nile cruise tour, 4 nights Nile cruise tour or 7 nights Nile cruise tour. There are many ways to sail on the Nile. Either you take a short hop of a few hours on a Nile cruise ship or a felucca. In fact, Felucca is a small wooden sailing boat. It gives you the full experience of a romantic journey drifting down the Nile. Moreover, it also gives you a taste. It is a good way to sail if you have a limited amount of time. Another way is to take a journey of several days on board one of an Egypt Nile cruise.

Further details about Egypt Nile cruise tours:

Many of Egypt Nile cruises are luxurious 5 stars. The Nile cruises ships became as much a part of the Egypt scene as the Pyramids. In fact, embarkation on Egypt Nile cruise is either in Luxor or Aswan. You can also take a luxury cruise to Abu Simbel temples from Aswan, which sails on Nasser’s Lake. This kind of Nasser’s lake cruises let you visit Kalabsha temple. Furthermore, you will also pass by Wadi es-Seboua and Amada temple. The Nile river cruise ships which start from Luxor, stop in Edfu and Komo Ombo before arriving Aswan. You will pass by Khnum temple before stopping in Edfu. In Edfu, you will visit Horus Temple. In Kom Ombo, you will visit Komo Ombo temple. Some Egypt Nile cruise tours include visits to Dendera temple which located in the north of Luxor.

The Nile cruise which starts from Luxor, stops in Kom Ombo and Edfu. The cruise ends in Luxor. It is where you can visit the fabulous Karnak temple and Luxor temple. You will also visit Luxor Museum. Moreover, you will be able to take a trip to the extraordinary Valley of the Kings. In fact, all Nile cruise ships will sail at a slow pace. They give you time to see the sights, relax and take in the atmosphere. Moreover, you will be able to wave to children on the riverbank and see fishing boats go by. It’s a great way to combine a trip on the river with seeing the ancient sites along the way too. Be sure to share the memorable experience with loved ones on an Egypt Nile cruise.

Egypt Nile cruises Schedule:

In fact, Egypt Nile cruises, Nasser’s Lake cruises and Dahabiyas have fixed sailing schedule. Most of Nile cruises embark on Friday, Monday and Wednesday from Aswan. They sail to Luxor for 03 nights nights. The Nile River cruise embark back from Luxor every Monday, Thursday and Saturday in sequence. They sail to Aswan for 04 nights . Some other Nile cruises have different schedule. You have to contact us in advance. It is to ensure that the cruise you wish, sails on the same day you chose.

Nasser’s Lake cruises have the same. The most Nasser’s Lake cruises embark on Friday from Abu Simbel. It is for 03 nights , sailing to Aswan. They embark back from Aswan on Monday for 04 nights. The sailing schedule of the most of Dahabiyas is every Saturday from Aswan. They sail to Luxor for 07 nights, embark back from Luxor to Aswan for 07 nights on Saturday too. Some of them do the itinerary of 04, 05 and 06 nights. So, please to browse through our website. It is to know about the itinerary that matches up with your requirements.

Egypt Nile cruises Classification:

In fact, 05 stars and 04 stars categories granted to Nile River cruises Ships by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. This classification doesn’t reflect the real thing of the Nile River cruise. We classified the cruises based on the real furniture – Not The Brochure’s Photos-. We also based on services, food quality, reliability and other factors. Our classification starts from Luxurious, goes down to Deluxe, then Superior and then Standard. It ends with 04 stars.

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