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Kamala Conrad Cairo Restaurant

Savor authentic flavors of the east, created by expert Asian chefs at Kamala restaurant. In fact, the restaurant located at Conrad Cairo hotel. Enjoy an intimate meal in a cozy atmosphere at this stunning oriental restaurant. Experience a culinary journey through South-East Asia at Kamala restaurant at Conrad Cairo. Moreover, the restaurant indeed is the perfect tranquil escape from city life. It is due to its stylish oriental décor and sophisticated mood lighting. Furthermore, the expert Asian chefs specialize in creating mouthwatering dishes. They are full of fresh and aromatic ingredients.

Moreover, they produce producing the authentic sweet and sour flavors of the east. Begin your meal with a selection of Chinese dim sum. In fact, these bite-sized portions are ideal for sharing and trying new flavors. Choose from a wide array of delectable dishes for your main meal. They prepared using traditional charcoal grills and sizzling woks. Moreover, special steamers also used to create light and healthy dishes. Furthermore, they capture a true taste of the orient. Address: Conrad Cairo, 1191 Nile Corniche, Cairo 11221, Egypt. Phone: +20 2 25808430.

Cuisine: Asian and Korean.

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Gaya Restaurant – Cairo

In fact, the Gaya Restaurant located in Maadi area in Cairo. They have good choices of Korean food and even have pork items. Moreover,  they have alcoholic beer on their menu. Service indeed is good with plenty of staff, would be a bit pricey for local standard. In fact, the restaurant main markets are the foreigners and expats living and working in Cairo. Korean food is good and worth the price. Furthermore, the owner is Korean. He makes use of local produce to create Korean dishes. Moreover, it is with imported Korean spices and seasonings. Address: 32 Rd 253 and 41 Rd 218 | Degla, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.

Cuisine: Korean.

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