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5 night Nile dahabiyas
5 star
11:30 AM
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5 nights
  • Albatros Nile dahabiya
  • Albatros Nile dahabiya
  • Albatros Nile dahabiya
  • Albatros Nile dahabiya
  • Albatros Nile dahabiya
  • Albatros Nile dahabiya
  • Albatros Nile dahabiya
  • Albatros Nile dahabiya
  • Albatros Nile dahabiya
  • Albatros Nile dahabiya
  • Albatros Nile dahabiya

Albatros Nile Dahabiya Egypt description, Prices, Booking, reviews

Albatros Nile Dahabiya is in fact a deluxe Nile cruise sailing between Luxor and Aswan. In fact, Albatros Nile dahabiya features 02 cabins, 02 king size bed suites and 04 single bed suites. Moreover, all suites and cabins quipped with air conditioner and Italian inspired shower. Furthermore, they also feature washbasin, bathrobe, towels, and hairdryer. In fact, both cabins to the rear of the boat have bay windows and open onto private terraces. The cabins also feature an LCD flat screen television together with a multimedia player. The boat also features free internet access.

In fact, Albatros Nile dahabiya also features laundry service and housekeeping. Moreover, it also features smoke, fire detector and fire fighting system. Furthermore, it also features life jackets in each cabin. The boat in fact accompanied by motorboat to pull it in case wind is calm. The boat will let you have peace of mind while seeing the sunset on the large panoramic window. In fact, the Nile river boat offers 5 night tour from Luxor to Aswan every Sunday. In fact, the boat also features restaurant, library, bar lounge, safe deposit box and minibar. Furthermore, the boat also features telephone, Jacuzzi, free WiFi and sundeck. Read the cruise reviews and itineraries. Check out the cruise prices and book Albatros Nile dahabiya Now!


  • 02 Decks.
  • Two Standard cabins.

  • 04 luxurious single suites.

  • 02 luxurious with large beds.

Cabin Facilities:

  • Panoramic large windows.
  • Air conditioner.
  • Bathroom with shower.
  • Private toilet and towels.

  • Washbasin and bathrobe.
  • Telephone set.
  • Safe deposit box.
  • Minibar & fridge.

  • LCD flat screen TV.
  • Multimedia player.
  • 02 Life jackets.

Albatros Nile dahabiya Facilities & Services:

  • Lounge with bar.
  • Restaurant.
  • Small library.
  • Internet access.

  • Laundry services.
  • Room service.
  • Sun deck.

  • Smoke and fire detector.
  • Fire Fighting System.
  • Jacuzzi.

Sailing Schedule:

  • 06 Days / 05 night Ex Luxor every Sunday.

What is the Nile Dahabiya ? :

It is in fact a Nile cruise boat which sails down the Nile river in Egypt. In fact, it is the most exclusive and luxurious way to discover Egypt treasures. Moreover, the boat saves a high standard of privacy. Furthermore, it lets you avoid the crowds on larger ships. In fact, it lets you enjoy exclusive comfort and privacy on your trip down the Nile. Moreover, it features 2 masted sailing ship. In fact, it sails on the Nile river with wind power. The boat in fact doesn’t features engines it except for generating electricity. The boat cabins feature private bathroom and Egyptian cotton linen. Moreover, they also feature shower and large window to watch the Nile during the sailing.

Furthermore, the history of these kind of boats back to the Pharaohs times. In fact there are inscriptions of similar boats in the tombs of ancient Egyptian Kings and Nobles. The Famous Egyptian last King Farouk used to have one in the Nile and his follower President Sadat had one too. The guests will enjoy a unique experience of the Nile from different point of view. In fact, the boat stops during the sailing close to the temples. The guest can enjoy special catered candle light dinner in front of one of the temples. Moreover, it also stops at some villages to see the farmers and camel. Furthermore, guests also can visit the animal markets. Moreover, they also can buy fresh vegetable from the farmers while stopping there.

Rate includes:

In fact, the rate includes round trip transfers from airport in arrival and departure. Moreover, the rate also includes meeting at assist at the airport and private air conditioned coaches. Furthermore, the rate also includes private Egyptology guide speaks your language. In fact, the rate also includes the entrance fees for all the above mentioned sites.

Rate excludes:

The rate in fact excludes the tipping for driver, guide and boat staff. Moreover, the rate also doesn’t include laundry, pressing or dray cleaning. Furthermore, the rate also excludes extra drinks or Alcoholic beverages


Prices quoted in US Dollars per person per trip and valid until April 30th, 2022. Rates not valid during Christmas, New Year & Easter holidays on Albatros Nile dahabiya.

Children Policy:

The child less than 4 years old is free of charge maximum 1 child. Moreover, the child from 4-11 years old is 50% of the adult rate. In fact, this policy applied to maximum one child sharing parent’s cabin.

Payment Policy:

Reservations should be made as early as possible to book the desired Nile boat. In fact, spaces will be secured upon receiving a deposit of 100% thorough bank wire transfer only.


It is a customary attitude for expressing one’s satisfaction of good services. The good services rendered to him by staff on duty. We advise to tip the staff of the Nile boat. Yet, you are not obliged to do.

Albatros dahabiya tour itinerary:

Upon arrival Luxor airport, there will be a meeting and assist by our representative. And then, we will visit Karnak temple. In fact, the temple contains the biggest amount of treasures in Egypt. The temple located in East bank of of the Nile and indeed is one of the greatest temples all over Egypt. Thebes was the capital of New Kingdom Egypt. In fact, the temple grown in importance throughout the Middle Kingdom. It was a sanctuary of the an ancient god.

In fact, the temple houses a vast mix of decayed temples, chapels, pylons and other buildings. Moreover, the building at the complex began in the reign of the Middle Kingdom. And then, we will drive to Esna for embarkation on the boat board. After we embark on the cruise boat, we will take the lunch meal on the boat board. In fact, the dinner and the overnight will be also on the boat board.

The breakfast will be also on the Albatros Nile Dahabiya board. Today, we will visit the Khnum temple in Esna. In fact, the temple located 55 kilometer south of Luxor. Nile cruises often make this town their first port of call after leaving Luxor. It is to visit the remains of Ptolemaic temple in the center of the town. In fact, the temple dates back to the Ptolemaic and Roman Period and one of the last temples built in Egypt. Moreover, it stands today in its excavation pit, 9 m below the modern ground level. Moreover, the temple dedicated to the god Khnum. It also dedicated to several other deities. Furthermore, the temple would once built to a plan like at Edfu temple.

Now, all remains are the hypo-style hall. It built by the Roman Emperor Claudius who extended earlier buildings. The oldest part of the structure seen today is the west wall which. It would have the facade of the original temple. In fact, it depicts reliefs of some ancient kings. The earliest king mentioned here is Ptolemy V, who offered a libation by his son Ptolemy VII. The part of the temple we see today is around a quarter of the size of the original building. Then your tour of the Nile will starts. In fact, we will start sailing. Lunch will be on the Nile boat board. The first night, we will moor on the Nile where it is possible to visit a typical Egyptian farm. The dinner and overnight will be also on the Nile boat board.

Today, we will take the breakfast also on the boat board. And then, we will sail to El Kab, the old city with its great wall of mud bricks. It is famous for of its giant walls. In fact, it erected at the XXVIII dynasty and which remains in ruins. A little later, they dug into the hillside. In fact, the necropolis delivers important information. Moreover, the information is on the beginnings of the XVIII dynasty. Here, several tombs contain military chronicles about the expulsion of the Hyksos. In fact, they are the tomb of Ahmose, Abana’son and the beautiful Paheri tomb. Furthermore, there are 4 tombs of priests and soldiers of the New Kingdom.

In fact, they feature paintings of funeral rituals. Moreover, they also feature scenes of farm life which can visited. And then, we will be back to boat board for taking the lunch meal. And then, we will sail to Edfu to visit the temple of the Greek Roman period. In fact, the temple dedicated to Horus, one of the best preserved in the country. On this night, we moor at an island. In fact. the dinner and the overnight will be also on the boat board.

In fact, the meal of the breakfast will be also on Albatros Nile Dahabiya board. Today, we will sail and visit the site of El Selsela mountain. In fact, the mountain features rocks engraved with hieroglyphic inscriptions. The mount is where the Nile valley is narrower and squeezed between two mountain ranges. In fact, we will also visit the quarries which used to build the temples of Upper Egypt. Moreover, they also used to build the tombs which overlook the river.

In fact, we will also visit the shrine of Horemheb, sanctuary which carved into the rock. The shrine in fact dedicated to the Pharaoh of the same name. Moreover, we will also visit the memorial chapel of Seti I and Ramses II. Furthermore, we will also visit the Stella of Ramses III. And then, we will have the lunch meal on the boat board. Then, we will sail on the Nile river. In fact, today, we will have the dinner on the boat board with an Egyptian music. Overnight will be also on the boat board.

We will take the breakfast meal today also on the boat board. Once arriving Kom Ombo, we will visit the Greek Roman temple which is a rare style of temples. In fact, the temples dedicated to two deities. The two Gods in fact are the Crocodile God and the Falcon God. In fact, this temple is symmetrical with two entrances, two halls and two sanctuaries. Moreover, the temple features  special interest because of this double sanctuary which it has. In fact, the temple enjoys a unique location overlooking the Nile.

And then, we will be back to the boat for taking the lunch meal. Then, we will sail to Daraw. Over there, we will visit the market with the camels coming from Sudan. And then, we will visit a Nubian house. In fact, the dinner and overnight will be on the Albatros Nile dahabiya board while sailing.

The breakfast today will be also on the boat board before we disembark. And then, there will have a transfer to Aswan city by a private air conditioned coach. Today, we will visit Aswan High Dam which built in 1960. In fact, the dam contains 18 times the material which used in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Moreover, the dam is 11,811 feet long, 3215 feet thick at the base and 363 feet tall. And then, we will proceed to visit the Unfinished Obelisk. The obelisk made of the red granite which used for the ancient temples and colossi. In fact, the granite brought from quarries in the Aswan area. The obelisk weighs more or less than 2.3 million pound. And then, we will visit Philae temple.

In fact, the temple was an ancient pilgrimage center for the cult of Isis. It also was for the dazzled travelers with its power for centuries. Moreover, the temple is sacred site. It venerated from the Pharaohs era up to the Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods. In these periods, each ruler added his own stamp onto the stones here. The First Pylon at the temple Aswan, leads into the main temple area. In fact, the temple features two towers and central doorway. Both of them provide a grand 18 meter high entry. Moreover, there is a doorway in the western tower with some reliefs. It leads to the Birth House. And then, there will be a transfer to Aswan airport or train station for your departure back.

Optional Tour:

There will be an excursion to Abu Simbel temples. In fact, the excursion will be either by private coach or by domestic flight. The twin temples are 300 km southwest of Aswan. In fact, the complex is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. It known as the “Nubian Monuments” which run from the complex downriver to Philae. In fact, The twin temples carved out of the mountainside. It was during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II in the 13th century BC. The temples erected to commemorate his alleged victory at the Battle of Kadesh. Moreover, the complex relocated in its entirety in 1968. It is now on an artificial hill. In fact, the complex is high above the Aswan High Dam.

Policies of Albatros Nile dahabiya
11:30 AM
08:00 AM
Visa, Master Card, American Express for paying extras.
Pets not allowed.
Prices based on full board accommodation. The prices include sightseeing and all transfers by private coaches. Moreover, they will also include private guide speaks your language and all entrance fees. On Christmas & New Year from 22 Dec - to 04 Jan & Easter, there will be an extra 25 % to the price.
Amenities of Albatros Nile dahabiya

  • Air conditioning
  • Breakfast
  • Coffee
  • Entertainment
  • Fridge
  • Handicap accessible
  • Phone
  • Room service
  • Television
  • Wi-fi
  • Wine bar
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