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Luxor Nile cruises include 5 days Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan. The holiday package of Luxor Nile cruises start by meeting and assisting you at Luxor airport. And then, there will be transfer by a private coach to the Nile cruise. Embarkation will be before lunch. Lunch will be on the cruise board. And then, we will tour the awe inspiring Luxor temple. In fact, the temple founded in 1400 BC and built with sandstone from the Gebel el-Silsila area. The area located in south-western Egypt. 5 days Nile cruise tour package will also include a visit to Karnak Temple. The temple comprises a vast mix of decayed temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings. Building at the complex began in the reign of Sesostris I in the Middle Kingdom. It continued into the Ptolemaic period. And then, we will be back to the cruise.

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Luxor Nile cruises also include Day cruise to Dendera temple. The tour will include a visit to Dendera complex by boat. In fact, the day cruise to Dendera temple will let you enjoy the sights of the lush Nile Valley. Moreover, you will enjoy the the ancient temple. The tour to the temple done by a motor boat such as Lotus Boat. It also done by a Felucca from Luxor, North to the site of the temple. In fact, the trip is approximately 60 km. The timing depends on whether you take a motorized boat or a Felucca and on sailing conditions. It is a lovely way to see the Nile up close and to visit one of Egypt’s best preserved temples.

In the day cruise to Dendera temple tour, you will spend your time on the boat for Bird Watching. You will also enjoy sun bathing taking in the Nile’s greenery or enjoying a good book. In fact, the tour will let you also enjoy the gorgeous natural scenery of the Nile Valley. The tour usually starts in the early morning. In fact, it includes the temple entrance fees in the package and give you the option of lunch. The trip takes most of the day. The way back to Luxor from Dendera takes longer as the sailing against the flow of the river.

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Luxor Nile cruises also include 6 nights Nile cruise tour from Luxor. In fact, 6 nights Nile cruise ex Luxor is not common in Egypt. A very few Nile cruises do this tour. The tour includes a visit to Dendera temple. In fact, it is the main difference of the other Nile cruises tours. In, the 6 nights Nile cruise package, the cruise ship sails towards Quena which located north of Luxor. The 6 nights Nile cruise tour package will include a visit to Dendera Complex. In fact, the complex located about 2.5 km south-east of Dendera, Egypt. Moreover, the complex has one of the best preserved temple complexes in Egypt.

The area used as the sixth Nome of Upper Egypt, south of Abydos. The whole complex covers some 40,000 square meters. In fact, it surrounded by a hefty mud brick enclosed wall. Dendera was a site for chapels or shrines from the beginning of history of ancient Egypt. It seems that pharaoh Pepi I built on this site. An evidence exists of a temple in the eighteenth dynasty 1500 BC.

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Luxor Nile cruises also include Luxor Felucca tour. In fact, it is one of the most amazing activities in Luxor. It is especially if you don’t stay in Luxor on a Nile cruise. Feluccas are these traditional sailboats you will notice in huge numbers on the Nile. In fact, they are in Luxor, Aswan and Cairo as well. They used to sail the Nile since ancient times. It is since when pharaohs ruled this stretch of paradise that is Egypt today. Going on felucca tour lets you sail down the peaceful waters of the majestic Nile River. You will watch the imposing Luxor temple on the East Bank.

You will also watch the pink hills of the West Bank go by. It is an inspiring and incredibly relaxing experience you’re not about to forget. In fact, Feulcca in Luxor usually found down at the “corniche”, in front of the Winter Palace hotel. One of the most popular felucca tour is the Banana Island excursion. The sailing boat sails north of Luxor to an Island covered with banana plantations. The boatman will berth the Felucca off the island and take you on a short exploratory tour.

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Luxor Nile cruises also include Round trip Nile cruise from Luxor to Luxor. On the next day of this package, the breakfast will be on the Nile cruise board. And then, we will sail to Esna. In Esna we will visit Esna Temple, dedicated to the ram headed God Khnum, the God of Creation. In fact, Thutmose III laid the foundation of the temple in the 18th Dynasty. The Ptolemaic and Roman Emperors completed it from 40-250 A.D. Their names recorded all over the temples walls. Lunch will be also on the Nile cruise board. And then we will sail to Kom Ombo.

The Round trip Nile cruise tour package will also include a visit to Kom Ombo Temple. It is the Ptolemaic temple of Sobek and Haroeries. In fact, the temple located in the town of Kom Ombo, about 28 miles north of Aswan. Moreover, the temple dates back to Ptolemy’s, built on a high dune overlooking the Nile. In fact, the actual temple started by Ptolemy VI Philometor in the early second century B.C. Return back to the Nile cruise. Tea & coffee will be served in the early evening. While we sail to Aswan, we will enjoy a sumptuous oriental dinner. We will also enjoy dance all night away to the Egyptian folklore party. Overnight will be on the Nile cruise board.

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5 day Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan
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5 Days Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan
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7 days Nile cruise ex Luxor Egypt
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