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Dakhla Ethnographic Museum located in Mut in Dakhla Oasis, Egypt. In fact, Dakhla Ethnographic Museum built in 1875 AC. Moreover, the museum is a small museum which displays on oasis life. Furthermore, Dakhla Ethnographic Museum attached to Dar Al Wafdeen Government Hotel. In fact, the museum only opened on request. Furthermore, the museum laid out as a traditional home with different areas for men. Moreover, the museum also features areas for women and visitors. In fact, the museum houses displays of clothing, baskets and jewelry. Moreover, the museum comprises other domestic items. In fact, these items give an insight into the oasis life and geography. Do not expect to see much of Ancient Egypt, it is all about the ancient handmade domestic stuff. In fact, the stuff made out of palm reeds, clay, wood, and stone.

Dakhla Ethnographic Museum indeed is a great a chance to have a great experience. In fact, you will learn about the life and culture of the people who live in the oasis. Dakhla Ethnographic Museum resembles an Egyptian home which exactly what it once was. In fact, the museum includes specific exhibits in different rooms. Some rooms dedicated to the history of the women and men who lived in the oasis. Moreover, some rooms include unique handmade artifacts. In fact, they both are old and modern. Furthermore, the museum houses items which made from stone, mud, clay and reeds. If you want to visit the Museum, you should contact the Tourist Information Office in Dakhla. They will make the required arrangements for you to visit the museum. Yet, you can also contact us.

Getting to Dakhla Ethnographic Museum:

There are regular buses from Cairo to Mut in Dakhla Oasis. In fact, the whole journey takes about 10 hours. It is since the bus will make a few stops along the way. A bus from the Kharga Oasis will take about two hours. Moreover, there is a night bus which travels straight from Cairo without stops. A taxi can take you to the town if you are willing to pay the fares. Finally, there is a micro-bus service from Cairo to the oasis and the town. Buses from Cairo run between seven O’clock in the morning and eight O’clock in the evening.

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