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Sinai Mount trekking is one of the most popular adventure tours in Egypt. In fact, the Sinai Mount trekking starts from the town of St. Catherine. Hiking up the biblical mountain to reach the 2285 meter peak indeed is a special experience. In fact, you’ll find in few destinations around the globe. Sinai Mount trekking will provide you with mystical, spiritual, natural and uncanny feelings. Sinai Mount trekking inspires the awe in a night time while walking along the rocky path. What a fantastic feeling while you walk under a starry night sky. You will walk while following a candle lit trail of pilgrims as they march up Sinai Mount. In fact, Sinai Mount trekking organized on the spot overnight. Moreover, Sinai mount trekking requires the camels to carry bags, food and mineral water.

Yet, it is possible to do many treks without camels, carrying all your stuff yourself. The tour of the trekking usually includes guide, camel (if needed), all food and hot drinks. Moreover, the trekking tour also includes mattress and blankets. The Sinai High Mountain Region located within a circular dyke around the town of St. Catherine. In fact, the St. Catherine mountain indeed is an impressive mountain. The region has a colder climate than the rest of Sinai and the snow is common in winter. In the high mountain valleys there is considerable water than in the desert. The water feeds water pools and sustains hundreds of orchards. The high mountains extend all the way to the coastal plain in the west and south. In fact, it is with two of the most impressive peaks. The peaks are Umm Shaumar mountain and Serbal mountain on the perimeter.

Sinai Mount Trekking Operators:

The High Mountain Region is home to the Jabaleya tribe. In fact, and hikes in the area, except for Mt Sinai, has to go through the tribal operator, Sheikh Mouse. Guides and camels assigned according to a rotating system. In fact, the system provides work to all the families of the tribe. Moreover, the system called “dor”, which has positive and negative sides. You can also find independent Bedouin guides and tour operators. In fact, they offer treks to the high mountain region. They sort the tribal issues themselves. All operators arrange transfer from the coastal resorts to the accommodations in St. Catherine. We are one of the tour operators who arranges Sinai Mount trekking.

Finally, that there are two ways to climb the Sinai Mount. In fact, one of which is the camel path traced by the Egyptian viceroy Abbas Hilmi Pasha. It is preferable to follow this trail for the climb and to use the stairs route. In fact, the stairs route built by the monastery monks for the descent. It is also possible to ride a camel on the Hilmi Pasha path. It is where you’ll be also get snacks and refreshments from small kiosks along the way.

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