• Seven Pinnacles Islands Dahab
  • Seven Pinnacles Islands Dahab
  • Seven Pinnacles Islands Dahab
  • Seven Pinnacles Islands Dahab
  • Seven Pinnacles Islands Dahab
  • Seven Pinnacles Islands Dahab

Seven Pinnacles Islands Dahab Egypt tours, booking, prices

Seven Pinnacles Islands Dahab is a diving site which located in Dahab, Egypt. The diving site indeed is the essential town’s dive site. In fact, Seven Pinnacles Islands features a slow and relaxed diving. It is like the town itself and the Bedouins who populate it. Never stray much deeper than 8-9 meter for the majority of the dive. In fact, you can take your time to explore the two large coral islands. Moreover, you can also explore the shallow lagoons which enclose this beautiful dive site. After a short swim out on the table reef, divers descend through a small crack in the reef. In fact, the crack is through a shallow tunnel which filled with lion-fish and out into the first lagoon.

The Seven Pinnacles Islands Dahab features shelter which provided in these shallow. Moreover, a sun-drenched lagoons allow a collection of stunning coral formations to thrive. All create an underwater photographer’s paradise. In fact, the coral in this diving site is fantastically diverse. Moreover, the most spectacular and vibrant example is the enormous Po-rites. Furthermore, the diving site has Brain coral structures. In fact, they fill the trough between the two islands. Lining inside the lagoons is a coral labyrinth of massive boulders. Moreover, there are tunnels and pools which filled with a diversity of reef fish. In fact, it indeed is unlike any other dive site in the area.

Further details about the Seven Pinnacles Islands Dahab:

Weave between the islands and their attached maze of pinnacles. You will find yourself surrounded with schools of large Two-bar bream. Furthermore, you will also find Red Sea fusiliers, Striped sweet-lips and big groupers. Seven Pinnacles Islands Dahab also feature a school of juveniles Yellow tail barracuda. In fact, they circle around the final lagoon. Moreover, you will have a pleasure to watch the large trevally and surgeon-fish patrol. Crossing out of the final lagoon, a short swim down the reef reveals a bustling coral oasis. In fact, the reef is on the sand at around 16 meter. There, you will find the area crowded by schools of Glass-fish, Anthias and small Chromis.

Moreover, you may also discover treats such as Banded pipe-fish and Giant morays. Furthermore, you will also find Snake eels which hidden in among the Fire coral. The seven Pinnacles Islands diving site indeed is a favorite among all who visit it. In fact, the site is one of the shallower dive sites. So, its wonders are accessible to divers at any level of certification.

Seven Pinnacles Islands Dahab facts:

Location: South Dahab, 28°28.632 N 34°30.692 E.
Description: Shore; Reef; Coral garden; Lagoon.
Depth: 2-18 meter.
Visibility: 5-20 meter.
Currents: Mild.

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