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Gebel Rabba Dahab or Rabba Mountain located near to St. Catherine monastery Sinai Egypt. In fact, Gebel Rabba is a granite mountain at the start of the range with several peaks encircling Farsh Rabba. The mountain can reached either from Naqb Abu Heyman or from Wadi Umm Serdi. Furthermore, the mountain connected to the top of the Red Valley Mountain. In fact, Gabel Rabba offers great climbs on several routes to the fans of climbing sport. The routes indeed pose different challenges. Moreover, the mountain located over a Bedouin village.

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In fact, reaching the peak of the old mountain is an achievable climb for new climbers. Moreover, it is close enough for help should you need it. Local Bedouins offer guides, transportation and camel rental for experienced riders. Many travel agencies in Dahab or your hotel will be able to connect you with Bedouin guides. We also do tours to Rabba Mountain and of course we provide you with professional guide. Just contact us.

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