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Gebel El Banat Dahab is the Arabic name of The Girls Mountain. In fact, the mountain located near the town of St. Catherine, Egypt. The mountain, reached on foot either from the settlements of Abu Seila or Sheikh Awad. Moreover, Gebel El Banat or the Girls mountain also can reached from Abu Zeituna. It is a fairly demanding trek to reach it. In fact, the mountain’s peak stands on the northern perimeter of the high mountain massif. Moreover, the peak offers superb views of the whole high mountains region. In fact, it is on one side and the lowlands on the other. One of the legends is behind calling Gebel El Banat Dahab by this name. A strange incident occurred in 1914 which is a rare case of rebellion. The rebellion was against customs and traditions.

In fact, the girl was not free to choose her husband. She should accept what they offer from the young men of the relatives or from the other tribes. It was common among the nomadic tribes and most of the tribes of Egypt. Moreover, it was also common in the Arab world in this history and perhaps to the present time. Many areas which inhabited by tribes and families still follow this rule. Three girls decided to break this rule. They preferred to suicide than to accept their partners without any choice. They run away to Gebel El Banat and ascended to a rock which 250 meters high. And then, they decided to commit suicide together. They connected their hair follicles and jumped from the high rock and died together.

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In fact, they linked their hairs together to ensure that none of the implementation will fail. Since that, the mountain called this name which means the Girls Mountain. Like the mountain of Abu Mahashur, the mount has challenging red granite dome. In fact, the dome is over 40 meter long. You’ll have to hire Bedouin guides to set up a base camp at the base of Gebel El Banat. In fact, the Bedouin also provide transportation, food and beverages. There are plenty of routes that pose different challenges on the ascent and descent. Moreover, there are many travel agencies around Dahab which run by Bedouins. You can also make the arrangements from your hotel. Furthermore, you can simply contact us. Browse trough our website for other tours.

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