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Virgin Mary tree Cairo is an old sycamore tree. It is under which the Virgin Mary used to rest. It was while taking refuge in the village of Matareyya during the Holy Family’s flight in Egypt. In fact, the original Virgin Mary tree Cairo which lasted till 1890 is now dead. Another tree grew by itself in the same place after that died. Moreover, the current green tree grew on its own and stands today. The tree attracts thousands of pilgrims each Christmas. It called Virgin’s tree. Matareyya is an incoherent district in Cairo, Egypt. There are many sacred trees in Egypt. Furthermore, these trees offered shelter for the Holy Family during their stay here. In fact, the tree holds the highest regard of all.

Matareyya now a heavily populated suburb in Cairo. It accessed by a modern fly-over. Two thousands years ago, it was a fertile and simple village. It was where many of these balsamic trees grown and many date palms too. In fact, the village of Matareyya was popular among pilgrims from the Holy Land. Moreover, at that time, it considered one of the holy sites and a blessed place like paradise. The journey of the Holy Family took them from Palestine to Egypt. The journey lasted for about three and a half years. It took them through many towns in Upper and Lower Egypt. The accounts of this journey chronicled in a Mimar (manuscript). It is by Pope Theophilus. He is the 23rd Patriarch of Alexandria (384-412 A.D.) He wrote down what the Virgin Mary told him when she appeared to him in a vision.

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In fact, the Holy Family journeyed south from Palestine across the wilderness. They avoided the main road for fear of capture. They entered Egypt at Rafah. It was where a lone sycamore tree said to have survived since their visit there too. In fact, Egypt is the only other country in which Jesus lived. It is besides his homeland Palestine. When the Holy family drew near to the city of Hermopolis (Cairo), they saw a tree. It was before the gate of the city. The travelers from afar were weary from their journey. They approached this tree to rest a while. The tree was tall but did not offer adequate shade. The Egyptians called this tree “Persea” and worshiped it as a god. They believed that some divinity hidden in the tree.

In reality, an evil spirit dwelt in this tree. As the holy family approached the tree, the tree shook fiercely. The evil spirit terrified by the approaching Christ-child and fled. Then Virgin Mary tree Cairo bent its top down to the ground. It worshiped its Creator like a rational creature. Thus the tree cast a great shadow, under which the weary travelers rested.

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From that day, Virgin Mary tree Cairo received miraculous healing powers from Christ. It heals every infirmity of men. Afterward, the holy sojourners went to the village of Matareyya. Near the village they saw a fig tree. While Joseph went into the village on business, Virgin Mary took refuge under the fig tree with the Lord. The tree lowered its crown down to the ground to create a shadow for the travelers. Its lower half split open in such a way that the Mother with the Child could enter and rest. A living spring of water opened up near the fig tree.

Joseph found a hut in the vicinity, where they settled. There, they lived and drank water from that miraculous spring. This was the only spring of living water to found in Egypt. All the other water in Egypt comes from the Nile Rive.

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