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Beshtak Palace Cairo situated on the Muizz Avenue in Cairo. The palace of Beshtak is near to Abdel Rahamn Katkhuda Sabil. In fact, it constructed by Prince Beshtak Al Nasiri in 1334. Beshtak Palace Cairo is a structure and Islamic museum in Cairo. It signifies Arabic architecture in the historic period of time in Egypt. Moreover, it has uncommon windows covered with Mashrabiya. The 2nd floor chambers have sharp arches. They also feature stained-glass home windows. The palace is almost complete in its actual shape. Furthermore, it has two stories, hall, a compact courtyard and built-in stables. The palace has indeed a wonderful entrance opening onto a side avenue. The long facade acceded with lots of windows.

In fact, it opens on the hubbub lane in ancient Cairo. In fact, the palace permitted to re-open in some month’s time. Yet it’s practical to view the courtyard and also the outer facade through the main road. Beshtak Palace Cairo is among the great historical sites in Cairo to check out. It is if you’re looking to be familiar with Egyptian culture and history. In fact, Egypt is famous for its plenty of mosques and historic sites. It’s also a great place to but traditional Egyptian souvenirs and additionally handicrafts. Entry gained from the alleyway on the north-side, 2nd entrance. In fact, Beshtak Palace Cairo implemented only for receptions. Moreover, here are no guest rooms. It is usually open-air and huge pillars. They hold roofing on the many sitting areas. The rooms can found only at the sides of the building.

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In fact, the palace is near to Al Salih Ayyub complex. The complex located on the famous Moezz Street in Cairo. It dates back to the mid-13th century. In fact, named after its builder, Al Salih Najm Al Din Ayyub. He reigned over Egypt from 1240 till 1249. Moreover, he was last Ayyubid sultan of Egypt. He died defending Egypt against the Crusader attack that led by Louis IX. Furthermore, he was the grandson of the more famous Salah Al Din Ayyub. In fact, he known in the West as Saladdin. Before his death, he built a rather unique school between 1242 and 1244. He then built a mausoleum. Beshtak Palace Cairo indeed is worthy to visit.

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