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8 Cantonese Restaurant – Cairo

In fact, the restaurant features China’s authentic tastes in food, decor and ambiance. Moreover, it also features the renowned personalized service. Furthermore, 8 Cantonese Restaurant welcomes you with a wide range of traditional dishes and delicacies. Indulge your appetite as 8 Cantonese Restaurant also presents festive Dim Sum every Friday. Moreover, it will greatly satisfy after its awaited opening. Furthermore, two private dining rooms can accommodate up to 20 guests for your intimate gatherings. It is while another private seating area features Captain’s Tappanyaki table. In fact, it indeed is perfect for celebratory dinners. Address: Four Seasons hotel, Nile Plaza, Cairo, Egypt.

Cuisine: Asian, Chinese.

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Dragon House Maadi – Cairo

In fact, Dragon House Maddi located on Road Nine in Maadi. It is no haven of luxury. The mouth-watering food tastes close to white Chinese delivery box from New York’s Chinatown. Moreover, the closest thing authentic Chinese takeout food in Cairo. Furthermore, all dishes have the right amount of greasy flavor with powerful sweet and sour. Moreover, they are also with ginger and chili sauces and enough options to suit any palate. Address: 84, Road 9, Cairo, Egypt. Tel: (+202) 10005414823 – (+202) 23782928.

Cuisine: Thai, Chinese.

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Joy Luck Restaurant – Cairo

In fact, it located on Maadi’s Road 233. Joy Luck Chinese restaurant offers delicious plates at reasonable prices. Do not turn off by the proximity of the pet shop Egy Puppy. There are no parakeets on the menu. It would be very easy to miss this unassuming Chinese restaurant while walking down Road 233. Moreover, the storefront adorned with a simple, yet practical, sign stating: ‘Chinese Food Take Out’. The Spartan dining area contains a mere four tables. One of them is usually occupied by the sole woman who takes your order, handles.
Address: 19 Road 233, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt. Tel: (+202) 25165105.

Cuisine: Chinese.

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Peking Restaurant Zamalek – Cairo

Hidden away behind Zamaleks many building lies that restaurant. The restaurant is classy and cozy. In fact, it is to avoid the commercialization that has swept over Zamalek. It features dim lights, soothing music and amazing service. You can find yourself easily sitting there for hours. You will sit having long conversations with friends or coworkers. The food is satisfactory with the chicken in five spices. And of course rice with vegetables and egg to accompany it (14 LE). Address: 23 B, Ismail Mohamed St., Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt. Tel; (+202) 27366167 / 27363894.

Cuisine: Asian, Chinese and Vegetarian.

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